#12 Mountain Pass


The Infinite Doodle has a binary tree embedded in a three dimensional grid. The #12 tile in the doodle branches off the The sixth tile. It is in the quadrant of the grid called "The World in Perspective."

The sixth tile was a Mountain Peak. The dip between mountain peaks is called "a pass."

People who need to cross a mountain range are apt to look between the peaks for the most accessible pass.

I happen to live in the Mountain West of the United States. The emigrants who followed the Oregon Trail crossed the Contiental Divide at a place in Wyoming called "South Path."

South Pass is actually notably non-descript and bleak location in the high desert plain. However, it is a location that drove the imagination of the Western traveler as it marked a high point in the Westernward trail.

The Infinite Doodle is a drawing challenge. I am using DALL-E to generate tiles for each of the prompts.

The term "mountain pass" brought an image of covered wagons traveling across South Path. So, I asked DALL-E to generate an image of covered wagons crossing a mountain pass. DALL-E was confused and drew a picture of

I asked again with the emphasis that I wanted old time cloth coverted wagons. This time it produced an image of a steam engine on a gravel road pulling a covered wagon. There is a woman in the picture and things that look like a cross between rocks and sheep.

#chatgpt does not seem to have a good grasp on the finer points of human history.

Guidance on Where to Publish the Doodle

The infinite doodle is a drawing challenge; so I used the #creativecoin tag. The pictures that i am drawing are not worth posting. I want to have a reward of CCC and other things for people who drew pictures for the prompts. IF you draw a picture to any of the prompts, please leave a link to the picture.

I really don't know where to publish the project.

I am writing the post using #palnet . I could use some guidance on the best location for the project.

It might do well in #neoxian or other tribes.

Please leave comments.

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