I keep missing out, that is why HIVE will succeed



At first I didn’t quite accept HIVE at $2, it left a bad taste in my mouth because it felt expensive, since I bought most of the HIVE I own at $0.20, and it went up quite fast.

I've finally accepted HIVE at those prices, after a few days of it dropping veeery very slowly. I was planning to save some money and wait for it to reach near $1.50 so that I could buy and power up some more, but I did not have time to do so and we are again at around $2.5 USD.

I am sure I am not the only one that is missing out while waiting for cheaper prices. That kinda confirms my thoughts that we are now, indeed, a 1 billion marketcap crypto.

We (believers) get tired of missing out, if we want to buy HIVE we will buy HIVE. Ideally, speaking for myself but I believe it applies to anyone, I would buy during a dump, but if the dump doesn’t happen I will have to buy at whatever price it is. This behavior is certainly helping HIVE stabilize at the current prices and might be the gateway to even higher highs, the question is only when will that be.

Who knows? Maybe we are off to now reaching the “multi billion dollar” status for the coin! At least for me it may not be worth waiting for cheaper prices, as those may not happen. Now the question is how/where do I get cash to buy more HIVE!