RE: Never Miss a Monday Hive-engine Token Power-up: 500 ONEUP, 50 LEO, 1500 SPT, 200 CTP, 100 LIST, 150k SPORTS

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I know, but because Hive-Engine is so limited, in terms of smart contracts and functionalities, we have dozens, maybe hundreds, of tokens that are very similar.

It bothers me the way many ERC20 tokens are a copy of each other on Ethereum. Not that it is inherently bad, they can create functionalities outside the blockchain, but right now the blockchain on Hive and Hive-Engine limits creativity.

It is one point why I hope one day it will be more useful and unlock all that potential, but for that Hive-Engine needs to make smart contracts more useful, more flexible, and more developer friendly.

I hope we will get there if we do we will many a nice cash, but I am not putting all I have on this bet because development has been slow, I wish I could help and tried in the past but did not understand the code or the documentation. Someone that knows how to work with Hive-Engine could help other developers by teaching (an example)