Vegan breakfast: Vegan bread filled with cheese, coffee and a vegan protein shake


Although I have been vegan for I think 3 years, and before that vegetarian for another 3, I am still a lazy vegan.

Here in Brazil breakfast is an important meal, I know that some people in some country may skip it, but here we don't. But as for me, I need something that is easy and quick to make.

I discovered recently a vegan cheese by a brand "Vida Veg" ("Veg Life" translated from Portuguese to English).
queijos veganos

Since I discovered vegan cheese my life changed, not because I love cheese, I do not like stuff with fat in it, but since it is so easy to make I started having breakfast more often (sometimes I skipped in a hurry from the day to day life). At breakfast I just slice, sandwich the cheese and grill it and there it is my breakfast.

The coffee is there to wake me up, the bread and cheese to fill me, and the protein shake to help me grow muscles (I started working out 1 month ago).

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