Time and its importance in your life


A friend who just got out of bed and washed his face and then said this sentence "I've got an hour", and he said this is the best time I've ever had in my entire life, yes we who hear can only laugh nonsense especially what is being said. show it to the public, someone who hasn't brushed their teeth has spoken of a social illusion.

How could it be? If that's true maybe we've been told that time is precious and should never be lost, because once lost is forever filled with regret, or that's what I've been thinking to this day about time, so I think you'll understand why. I'm confused that he has 25 hours in a day, isn't that a social illusion.

That's how time works, one day you can get more time and the next day you are short on time, it always goes like that and no one can deny it that someone has conquered time, there is nothing like that, everyone is happy and complaining about time , the famous old Latin proverb "if you want to be successful then seize every second of time" a saying that encourages people to conquer time, but the question is whether anyone has succeeded in doing it, I don't know.

But what can be said, that's how it happened, we all must have tried to live, forget and hide behind facades, living life as we know it, trying to break down the walls of the world we found and so confined with the outdated tools we have get it, we complain and stop hoping for a miracle, we start saving the best possible daylight hours, living life the way we believe in, just as we start to believe in the journey we are beginning to take.

Days when we wake up in the morning that evokes regret for everything that makes sense and doesn't make sense, and nights when we stand in front of the mirror to see the shadow figure we love with all our souls, but not who we hope for, but who will arise, times when we are happy for ourselves and feel sorry for those whose lives are less fortunate, we keep thinking if only there was more time maybe we would do something best for ourselves and others, but the fact is that time has passed. limit 24 hours a day no one manages to use all the time for routine because we as weak creatures have been designed to rest, eat and sleep.

Even though we don't have extra time and our successful time conquest doesn't mean we have to give up our achievements over limitations, we have to create our own extra time in our own unique way, I'm sure everyone has their own way of dealing with time issues, everyone. people have managed to live and develop even though with limited time, no matter how hard the flow of life but still people go ahead to say me & time are friends who are bestowed by god.

The best way that has been done by most people to live life is to make the best use of the time of day, successful people don't spend their day enjoying coffee but they use the time of day for something more productive.

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