Is it just me or these days the weekends come at us very fast and you start wondering when the week started that it ended already?

Well I love it this way, if the weekend keeps coming fast that just means resting times also come fast too

But then the weekend wound not even stay that much before you get back to the beginning of another week

is that the price for coming fast?

I wish I know, nevertheless we would keep enjoying the weekend to rest and relax from the busy week

Yeah, the weekend is needed and an important part of the week

A time to relax, have a quiet time from the busy week, and also prepare for the coming week
it's an important part of the week

This prompt came at the right time

Take a pic and just say something about it

It's the weekend and I decided to just put together things I know I would be needing before I get back to the busy week and get lost in time with duties

I wouldn't call it shopping just me trying to get a little of my needs

What a good day to take a picture and say something about it

So the week ended with me trying to visit this new mall to get things and most importantly check it out

To compare and contrast with other malls have visited, maybe this would just be the best to patronize

Demall is a new mall in my area and it has this
building" screaming you can get all you want here

I wouldn't have given it a try if not for the hot bread I heard they have in their bakery
I like it when you get to purchase hot bread
it's always so refreshing when you get to eat such

Demall is well stocked with so many things and different sectors

I had little things to buy but trust me a little tour around won't be bad just to see more of the mall and more exciting things

So here is the first part I walked past, the part that has a lot of deodorant and perfume


you can see it has a lot

I was beginning to act like Oliver Twist here cause I wanted all but then cash at hand snapped me out of it and without further review I moved on

Moving on, I saw the next sector.
This sector has stationery, lots of inspirational and self-development books


I would say they tried for the books sector because they have a lot

I had to walk through all sectors just to see more and from what I saw they have a lot to of everything they sell


It's a nice place to shop with the price they offer and yes a place you can recommend

The time spent there had me wanting to get all they sell there but scale of preferences is just so important in decisions like this

Here is my response to the hive learner weekly topic, week 63 about taking a pic am say something about it


Nice weekend shopping dear friend
Thanks for sharing