The Poor life, Simple Life and the Rich Life


Well In living this life, in general, every individual really wants to be able to get a successful and also a wealthy life, but also sometimes we are actually in the position where individuals to have to be able to choose to really live poor for a while before getting a successful life in the future. But all of that must have its own reasons, because basically wealth is not the main source for your happiness, but most of our happiness comes from the wealth we have. You should be able to understand this well.

So here I will make a comparison between a poor life, a simple life and a rich life that might be an afterthought for all of you in living this life so that you can accept whatever the conditions of your life are at this time. Because basically no matter what your current state of life is, whether you live in a state of riches, simple and poor, you will still get happiness, the important thing is that you yourself know how to create happiness even with the simplest things in your life.

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Even if for now your life is at a low point and poor, that does not mean your life will be forever in trouble. But it is a trial and a challenge for the poor that you must be able to face in order to achieve a simple life first and then later you will get a successful life. Because problems in life will exist for everyone and depending on the position of each of us, like rich, poor and simple people they all also have their own problems. So don't ever complain about your current state of life, but strive so that your life can change to a simple stage first.

Then for those of you who have a simple life at this time, don't forget to be more grateful for whatever you have been able to achieve until now even though your life has many problems, because your life is now in the second stage and just one more step you will arrive at pinnacle of success. Because there are other people under you who are struggling to get to where you are today. So make the people under you a motivation so that you can get through all the challenges that exist when you are struggling to the next stage. Your job here is to maintain what you can achieve and strive for the pinnacle of success.

Then for those of you who have a successful life and have a lot of wealth, don't forget to be grateful every day about all of it. Because right now you are at the breaking point and there are two more people below you who are struggling to get to where you are. Then you should never be proud of all that success, because pride will be able to destroy your success. But support and help the people who are under you so that they can have the spirit to fight for their success. Your job here is to maintain what you can achieve and help those under you so that happiness always accompanies your life.

But what we can take from the three discussions above is that wherever your life is currently, don't forget to always be grateful because until now you are still given a long life by God. Then one thing you should know that all people living in this world are never free from problems and challenges