4 Mind Power Boosting Games

We play games whole day and ignore every thing in our lives. Pakistan is on 11th position in most playing games in the world. So if we want to play game so why shouldn't we play those games which improve our productivity, focus and boost our mind power.

I'm sharing a very interesting research that A Professor of psychiatry department, Cambridge University research proved that how play mind Exercising game is more efficient and clever than normal people.

Image by ha11ok from Pixabay

So here is the top 5 games that will boost your mind power.

1. Reversi

Reversi is old fashion like ludo and chess but it improves your cognitive skills means your attention span, focus, problem solving skills, short term and long term memory get improved. It contains black and white coins we play them and in the last if your coins quantity is more than you opponent you are the winner. It is also a fun game that will fresh your mood also.

2. Brain it on

Physics improves your planning skills and analytical skills. By playing this game you will improve your planing and analytical skills with the help of physics. To play this game it is not compulsory that you must expert in physics anyone can play this game. In this game, many task given to you in it you have to complete your goal or task by drawing some shapes. It will train your brain that will improve your working memory, Brian processing speed and executive functions.

3. Unlock me

This game is basically contains blocks and one of the Block is Red an you have to take that block to the designated place. This game is beneficial for you because you have to run your mind and think deeply that how you clear your level. This game conditions your mind to keep yourself organized and make a clutter free habit. This game made under the guidance of Neuro scientist.

4. Skillz

Skills app contains different puzzles that will improve your different Brian parts. It enhance your different skills. These puzzles improve your reflexes means how you react in different situations. It also increase your accuracy, speed, and coordination. You can play this game with multiple players or solo. At the end of game your total score ranks that who won the game.