Try Not To Invest Here If You Are In Short Of Money (PART 2)


I continue the yesterday's topic which is awareness of places, schemes, and policies where you should stop investing.I have explained 5 platforms where you should stop investing today I'm going to tell you more platform you must avoid.

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6. Corporate Bonds

It is completely risky that your whole money is on risk which you invested. People invest in corporate bonds because it gives 10% return of your investment but they don't know these bonds may drawn your all money. You can invest in FD instead of corporate bonds because your money will be safer.

7. Real estate

I'm talking about specifically old building flats. You should not buy old flats means the building that is 15 to 20 percent old. Because as the building goes old the appreciation of that flat goes down. If you want to invest in real estate then you should buy a plot, house, Vila or etc but old buildings should be avoided.

8. Penny Stocks

Youngster like penny stocks because they want money quickly. Hurry factor leads to destruction. If we research how many penny stocks got successful then result will be one out of hundred. First understand the definition of penny stocks. These companies market value and shares are very much low. Any operator can fool us so be aware of it.

9. Initial Public Offering

Every seller want to sell their property in fare profit not in discount. In IPO, dealers tried to convince buyers on high price we should aware of it. First understand, calculate and get complete bio of particular IPO then invest. People destroy their wealth in hurry factor.

10. Crypto

Crypto increases on the base of speculation. It don't have any actual or physical value it creates its value because people are buying crypto. This is not the enough reason to buy it. As we seen last 3 years crypto destroyed a bunch of people's wealth. We need to sustainable learning that how we can earn money. It is completely risk. Again I tell you don't invest on Luck learn and calculate the strategies then Invest.

I hope these are things I had explained you must help you to choosing for investment.

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