How to enhance your communication skills

To convey your intentions and your basic thoughts through communication is quit difficult. Some people guess you wrong that's way Communication is very much important in our personal and professional life. As well as to listening others is also important because in any relationship either its is professional or personal we have to make balance between them.

A major reason behind any human relationship is misunderstanding. It is our responsibility to get rid of these misunderstandings which can be achieved by effective communication.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

To improve your effective communication you need to improve your

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Body language


To speak clear first of all you need to listen clearly and with attention. When you listen others with attention you got the logical and athletic points that your opponent will listen you with importance. You should improve listening not just listening "Active listening".

Active listening means when you speaking to others along with that you listen your opponent clearly. First understand others then speak your mind. Some people have a bad habit that they think they know everything. This attitude should be dropped and give importance to others mind.


For speaking you have to improve your vocabulary it makes you more articulate and effective. Some people bored to listening same words even you are talking about an interesting topic but your words make the topic dull. You can improve your vocabulary by reading, writing and speaking. You should search the words to talk about any topic that will make your communication effective. You can improve it by participating in public debating and group discussions.


When you write something you remember that thing till last. So to improve your writing skills use different novel and remember it in mind and do writing practice. Practice makes us perfect. So don't be shy. Just give it a try.


Many times, when some things not be conveyed by words that will be conveyed by your actions and body language. It is very important aspect to improve communication skills. Your body language will help you to be looked confident and clear. You can improve your posture, gesture and facial expressions that will make you a effective communicator. You can practice this in front of mirror and also get feedback by your family and friends.