True Love


There's this character in the Christians holy book(Bible) i admire so much, he seems to be kind of underrated but his life is a lesson for all.

I had always wanted to make a post about this but kept postponing it till this guest speaker came to a seminar i was in attendance and made reference to it too, then i knew i really need to relate this to you guys.

Yes Joseph, the foster father of Jesus while on earth.

In the book of Matthew from 1 to 8
Joseph found out Mary was with a child before they came together, being a perfect gentleman , he didn't want to put her to shame and public disgrace.
Instead he decided to bundle her back to her people and tell the he is not marrying her again😀😁

An average man of today would call friends and family to to say, "The so called virgin Mary is pregnant" "Harlots everywhere".
You know things like that.

But No, Joseph didn't do that , instead he went ahead and slept for himself, before the angel visited him in the dream.

Now that is love. You cant claim to love someone and be willing to put that person to public disgrace.

You can read it up, yourself.
I hope you gained value👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨