IndiaUnited Weekly Contest #8: Theme - "Cultural Cuisine" and Winner Announcement of Previous Contest


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Namaste everyone!

We have decided to host a weekly contest aimed at becoming a community with better engagement and having more presence on Hive. These contests will be organised each week to boost creativity among members of the community, help new and budding writers to show more creativity, help increase their personal growth on the platform and build better connections along with getting some good prizes in turn.

We encourage everyone to step forward and contribute to this. You can help by either taking parts in these contests, giving feedback and constructive criticism to the entries, supporting the entries or by sponsoring these contest. Drop your feedback/suggestions in the comments below or join our Discord Server and connect with us there.


Theme: Cultural Cuisine

Tell us about about a specific dish from a particular culture, preferably your own, that gou are familiar with and passionate about. Explain why you selected that particular dish and what is its significance. If you like you can also share its recipe with us.

You can write about it in as much detail as you want.


There are some rules which everyone should keep in mind and read carefully as some of them can be changed in the subsequent contests.

  • Publish your post in IndiaUnited Community.

  • Use the #iucontest as your main tag, failing to do will invalidate your entry.

  • No use of AI tools like ChatGPT for writing your posts. We want to hear your thoughts not AI's.

  • Make sure to properly source you images and don't use copyrighted images.

  • The post should have at least 350 original words per language (in case you decide to make a dual language post).

  • Add this contest's post link in your post so others can find us easily.

  • Leave a link to your entry as a comment to this post.

  • One entry post per account/user.

  • Open to all not just the Indian citizens.

  • Re-blog, upvote and share this contest post with others to spread the word. (Optional)

Failing to comply with the above rules will disqualify you from the contest.



The deadline for submitting your entries will be six days (144 hours) after publishing this post.



  • Upvotes from @indiaunited and @sagarkothari88 (if they fits in the criteria) for each valid entry.

  • Total 1000 Ecency Points, Sponsored by @bhattg

  • The Winner = 1st Runner UP = 500 Ecency Points, 2nd= 300 Ecency Points, and Runner UP = 200 Ecency Points and one HSBI to each.

  • Curations from few other accounts but not guaranteed.

We are looking for more sponsors, if anyone wants to sponsor some rewards for the winners. Let us know in the comments or talk to us in IndiaUnited Discord Server.


Winner Announcement Contest Week #7

Thank you to all who participated, re-blogged, upvoted and contributed in other ways.

There was a total of 31 valid entries.

Here is the list of all of them.

@marynnPost Link
@chinay04Post Link
@vickieePost Link
@ngobabyPost Link
@aquagelasPost Link
@empressjayPost Link
@valbleszaPost Link
@nbatsPost Link
@jemima2001Post Link
@pearl33Post Link
@kennysplashPost Link
@mfontomPost Link
@edith-4angelseuPost Link
@ene22Post Link
@christyblissPost Link
@hopestylistPost Link
@tranquil3Post Link
@utibeabasiPost Link
@emylightPost Link
@annievictoryPost Link
@captainmanPost Link
@marilynisiomaPost Link
@pricelessudyPost Link
@desiredladyPost Link
@luchylPost Link
@quduus1Post Link
@trexanePost Link
@uyohoPost Link
@sisjanePost Link
@nwothini335Post Link
@toryfestusPost Link


The winners for India United Weekly Contest #6 are as follows:

PositionAuthorPost Link
1st Place@quduus1Post Link
2nd Place@chinay04Post Link
3rd Place@ene22Post Link
  • The winner @quduus1 will receive 500 Ecency Points and one HSBI sponsored by @bhattg. Also, a 50% upvote from @indiaunited to one of their quality posts during this week.

  • The first runner-up at the second place @chinay04 will receive 300 Ecency Points and one HSBI sponsored by @bhattg. Also, a 40% upvote from @indiaunited to one of their quality posts during this week.

  • The second runner up at the third place @ene22 will receive 200 Ecency Points and one HSBI sponsored by @bhattg. Also, a 30% upvote from @indiaunited to one of their quality posts during this week.


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Congratulations to all the winners. You all deserve it.


Thank you so much @indiaunited, it's indeed overwhelming to be among the winners and congratulations to the other two winners.🏆

Reward well received with gratitude.


Congratulations to the winners