Indiaunited - Weekly Delegation Report 22-11-2021

Namasthe, It has been a very long time since we shared the weekly delegation report. We thought we can make it a practice again to share how many rewards the delegators are getting every week. For those who are wondering what this post is all about, here is a small brief.


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Indiaunited is a community that supports manual curation on Hive Blockchain. We manually curate posts every day from several users. People can delegate their Hive Power to the Indiaunited community and get a 100% share of the Curation rewards earned by the community account. The reward share will be based on the amount of HP delegated by an individual. The delegators will receive their curation reward share once every day. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our discord.

Total Curation Rewards in the last 7 days

DateTotal Reward (in Vests)Total HP

As you can see even though the curation reward curve is flat and we vote only posts that are less than 24 hours old, the rewards can be variable. It can differ from one day to another. That is why is best to take an average for a week and compare.

Delegators earning report

Below is the list of delegators who are currently delegating to the community and earning daily reward shares. I have prepared a consolidated report so that every delegator can see how much they are earning every week in total from their delegation and their average earning per day.

S NoDelegatorVesting SharesTotal HPTotal (per Week)Average (per Day)APRDelegation Last Updated
1@bobinson9506094.4295123.6048.8381.47310.49280 days ago
2@bala412883882377.7122092.5283.6100.60210.50504 days ago
3@bhattg2878193.1821551.2912.8140.2816.612 days ago
4@sayee1942971.2691047.2251.8060.30110.49514 days ago
5@xawi1928917.8841039.6501.7930.29910.50435 days ago
6@mango-juice1873048.7601009.5381.3560.2719.80113 days ago
7@codingdefined1856547.7361000.6440.9050.1515.518 days ago
8@lifecruiser1534829.093827.2441.4270.23810.5097 days ago
9@inuke1359639.850732.8201.2640.21110.51511 days ago
10@yogeshbhatt1322128.245712.6021.2290.20510.5045 days ago
11@pankajkabdwal1276749.413688.1441.1880.19810.5045 days ago
12@steemflow975514.614525.7840.9060.15110.48538 days ago
13@syedumair973381.689524.6340.9050.15110.51536 days ago
14@viking-ventures936122.469504.5520.8700.14510.49108 days ago
15@coolguy123934438.697503.6450.8690.14510.5188 days ago
16@ecoinstats932952.558502.8440.8670.14510.5369 days ago
17@akkighanate2018728325.281392.5530.6770.11310.51311 days ago
18@r1s2g3630137.045339.6320.5860.09810.53327 days ago
19@oivas584102.172314.8200.5430.09110.55537 days ago
20@nainaztengra569060.934306.7130.5280.08810.47254 days ago
21@punkblogs563740.119303.8450.5250.08810.57149 days ago
22@manojbhatt562429.297303.1390.5220.08710.48123 days ago
23@karishmasingh711558860.523301.2150.5190.08710.5450 days ago
24@jyoti-thelight557872.423300.6830.5180.08610.4428 days ago
25@achimmertens469119.903252.8470.4380.0639.096 days ago
26@eolianpariah468388.988252.4530.4360.07310.55115 days ago
27@taxguy465075.538250.6670.4320.07210.4816 days ago
28@myanmarkoko464707.016250.4680.4320.07210.4921 days ago
29@yangyanje408725.129220.2950.3790.06310.4417 days ago
30@mcfarhat403327.148217.3860.3740.06210.411116 days ago
31@hardikv389437.232209.8990.3620.06010.43538 days ago
32@ayushthedreamer374132.264201.6500.3470.05810.5099 days ago
33@imno278506.540150.1100.0320.0327.789 days ago
34@hungryharish204883.960110.4290.1910.03210.58770 days ago
35@guurry123195534.965105.3900.1820.03010.39537 days ago
36@careassaktart194741.620104.9620.1820.03010.43422 days ago
37@mintymile194741.620104.9620.1820.03010.43304 days ago
38@luckyali194741.620104.9620.1820.03010.43484 days ago
39@vishalsingh4997192692.165103.8570.1780.03010.54207 days ago
40@hatoto192144.600103.5620.1770.03010.57393 days ago
41@idea-make-rich191182.835103.0440.1760.02910.27338 days ago
42@harpreetjanda190745.654102.8080.1760.02910.30190 days ago
43@jznsamuel189517.120102.1460.1760.02910.36244 days ago
44@nirvana3003188617.752101.6610.1760.02910.41189 days ago
45@justclickindiva188519.164101.6080.1760.02910.42173 days ago
46@diebitch188458.972101.5760.1760.02910.42180 days ago
47@frames187040.512100.8110.1750.02910.5097 days ago
48@maxili63186974.457100.7760.1750.02910.5093 days ago
49@monica-ene186906.503100.7390.1750.02910.5189 days ago
50@nurseanne84186417.922100.4760.1730.02910.5358 days ago
51@naythan186335.485100.4310.1730.02910.5453 days ago
52@irisworld185961.099100.2290.1730.02910.5628 days ago
53@preets185953.223100.2250.1410.02810.2020 days ago
54@winelay185883.781100.1880.1730.02910.5723 days ago
55@bobokyaw185882.807100.1870.1360.0238.383 days ago
56@beyondhorizonmm185704.705100.0910.0740.0259.1211 days ago
57@odanmedina185703.318100.0910.0740.0259.1211 days ago
58@vandanabhatt103291.29655.6720.0960.01610.49100 days ago
59@mk99203996873.02052.2130.0890.01510.49483 days ago
60@dayatsiaulia93122.38550.1910.0870.01510.9128 days ago
61@surejosh41885.85922.5760.0390.00711.32124 days ago
62@sabari1840972.19422.0830.0380.0069.921184 days ago
63@gargi10243.0505.5210.0090.00213.22883 days ago
64@silenteyes6145.8283.3120.0030.00111.021415 days ago

We have a total of 64 members delegating to our @indiaunited community. If you don't want yourself to be tagged in any of the future posts, please let us know in the comments. From the next post onwards, we will not tag you.

Note: The above list will not include delegations that were made in the last 7 days. Additionally please note that for some people the APR value would be a little different either more or less. This means they would have recently updated their delegation. Otherwise, the APR is close to 11% and there will be slight variation based on the price of Hive.

This post was authored by @bala41288 on behalf of the community. If you have any questions please reach out to us on the discord server.


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This post has been manually curated by @bala41288 from Indiaunited community. Join us on our Discord Server.

Do you know that you can earn a passive income by delegating to @indiaunited. We share 100 % of the curation rewards with the delegators.

Here are some handy links for delegations: 100HP, 250HP, 500HP, 1000HP.

Read our latest announcement post to get more information.


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This post has been manually curated by @bala41288 from Indiaunited community. Join us on our Discord Server.

Do you know that you can earn a passive income by delegating your Leo power to @india-leo account? We share 100 % of the curation rewards with the delegators.

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Hello @indiaunited. I love the work that your project does. It's a pleasure to delegate to you and wish you success in helping others.

Take care.


Thank you so much for the delegation. Cheers! 🙂


All the more reason to power up and delegate. :-D
IU rocks.


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