Allen West, Republican running for governor of Texas, hospitalized with covid-19

Who is Allen West,??he is the former head of the GOP in Texas .and is presently seeking for the Republican nomination in the Texas gubernatorial race.....

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Allen West recently announced that he and his wife tested positive to covid19 ,and he also confirmed that they both received the monoclonal antibody infusions.

He made the announcement via his twitter handle...

The Monoclonal antibodies can be referred to as

the proteins created in the laboratory to mimic the human immune system

According to what he said on Saturday ,he said he was truly expected to be at the hostpital as a precaution after the x-rays showed he has COVID pneumonia.......

But it seems the politician is not in support of the covid19 vaccination....

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I'd like to also point out that the current governor of Texas Greg Abbot has Texas open and I would argue it is better to judge one by their actions rather than their promises. All due respect to West.