Lesson to learn from the ants

I'm here to share some insight I learnt from the ant.

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The sciencetific name of ant is "formicidae"; a unique and tiny creature that is full of unthinkable lessons for us, what really amazes me about them is their love, partnership, singleness of mind and strength they show towards each other, I discovered that they love each other the day I intentionally hurt one of them and waited for the reaction of the others and to my surprise they came to attend to the one that was hurt and it started moving again.

Another wonderful thing about them is that they partner as a team with their availability, strength and singleness of mind to ensure the success of a particular set goal like in the case of lifting heavy foods together and storing food for winter, the burden of one is the burden of all and they don't back out until they get their desired victory.

So lets aim for victory and make sure we stay tactical about it..

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