Steemcity Tutorial ; Population Cards in Steemcity


Hello everyone, in this post, I will share about;

  • Population Cards in Steemcity games,
  • How popularity affect your city population,
  • How beer festival affect your city population and popularity and
  • How density affects your city.

Population Cards in Steemcity games

Currently, below are the cards that give your city population/workers and we called them population cards, some of these cards have;

  • income on it,
  • negative popularity and
  • negative income(dust card)
    You can start a war with other cities with dust cards, imagine sending thousands of this dust cards to other city and wreck their daily SIM income, haha

Population statistics in your cards means how many workers it will provide your business building cards; the vacant worker slot.

For example, a basic home card will give you 4 population or 4 workers and 1 SIM income for your city.


If your city only has 1 basic home and 1 gym card, this basic home with 4 population/manpower/worker will give your gym cards 4 workers and you need to have 2 more population cards to fill in the vacant worker's slot in your gym card in order for it to generate 5 SIM income daily plus 1 SIM from your basic home card .

How popularity affect your city population

When your city have 100 popularity, this will give your city 10% extra boost on your city base/original population.
1 popularity = 0.1% increase from base population

How beer festival affect your city popularity and population

Currently, in Steemcity, we have BEER Festival event to boost your city popularity for 24 hours only.
For example, you start a beer fest in your city for 5BEER token, then you get 40 boost popularity to your city.
If your city before the beer festival has 10 popularity and 37 population, with the beer fest activation in your city, your city population will have an extra 18 population, so your base 37 population becomes 55 population for 24 hours only and after 24 hours have passed, your population will return to its original 37 population.

Before Beer Festival events;
Population; 37
Popularity ; 10

After Beer Festival Activation
Population; 55
Popularity ; 50
for temporary 24hours only

So don't freak out when the beer festival is over in your city then you found out your city population has a "sudden decrease".

How density affects your city

For a player with less than 2000 population, you will be excluded from Density policy.
Any city with a population over 2000 will have tax or decrease 100 in popularity.
So if your city have 2001 population your popularity of 1371 will be subtracted by 100 and gives you new after-tax density 1271 popularity, and remember, popularity gives effect to your population, so you will see a decrease in your population too.

Tips; if you have more than 11 different types of cards in your city, garbage dump card is a good card to boost your city popularity and population.

I have a question for you, let's say in the Steemcity market you saw 1 worker card for 6 steemp and 1 basic home for 2.5 steemp, which card will you buy? and why? The first person who give a correct answer in the comment section will receive 1 worker card from me.

That's all for this post. In the next post, I will share with you about business building cards and some of my strategies.


Answer! I would buy the Basic Home because you'll get 4 population [workers] plus 1 income! a Worker is only 1 population..


hi @agr8buzz your answer is perfect! let me know your steemcity game account and I will send 1 worker card to your city 😃