Homeschooling Boredom and Steps on How to Managed Homeschoolers Boredom


Greetings to my esteemed pacesetters at home, remember that there's a great reward for everyone of us who dedicate our time in teaching our kids morals and values that'll help them become better person's in the future. It's your friend @inspiredbyhive saying hello from Nigeria. Hope you're having great time in your various homeschools.



It's been over a month and two weeks since I came here to drop some of my homeschooling experiences and also to learn from you all, it's been a very busy period for me in my workplace and other activities at home. I'm glad to be here once again, I truly missed everyone on this platform.



Today I bring to you one of the challenges they've faced in my homeschool, which is overstretching my kids with regular mathematics that led to boredom and I'll be focusing on the steps to manage homeschooling boredom.

Few months ago, I observed that anytime I call my kids for their homeschooling activities and informed them that the activity for the day was mathematics, my son is usually scared and feels bad. So one day I called him aside and asked why he's usually scared of mathematics and he told me (after being reluctant) that he's tired of everyday mathematics and would like to do other things. It should be noted that my son's mathematics at school prior to that period was going very well and I even received encouragement from his teacher that he's improving in mathematics. Immediately I realized that the problem was homeschooling boredom.

What's Boredom?

Boredom is a common feeling. Feeling unsatisfied by an activity, or uninterested in it, can lead to boredom. Boredom may occur when you feel energetic but have nowhere to direct your energy. It may also occur when you have difficulty focusing on a task.
Boredom is a common complaint among children and adolescents. In some cases, they may complain of boredom when they’re uncomfortable dealing with their thoughts or feelings.Source

Based on the above, I have observed that sometimes my kids may be very vibrant doing some other activities but once they're called to begin their homeschooling activities, they tend to be bored, each on a different homeschooling activities.

Steps to cure homeschooling boredom
The following methods of curing homeschooling boredom are practical steps taken by me in my homeschooling journey, they include:

  • at intervals, allow the kids choose the topics or activities themselves.
    Most times parents and caregivers at home tends to bombard the kids with regular schooling activities in their homeschool, which at some points get the kids bored with the activities. Remember that it'll be very difficult for a child to get bored with an activity he or she chose for themselves, so give them the previllege to choose a topic at intervals.
  • review your teaching methods and techniques.
    Most parents are still using teaching methods and techniques introduced in the times of Abraham Lincoln. There are new teaching methods and techniques that are more recent, which will help the kids learn faster. Infact, most parents use one teaching method for more than a year. Changing the methods and techniques can help both the parent and kids.
  • reduce regular schooling activities and increase homeschooling Diy.
    Most kids after the daily school works will not want to continue with the school works at home, so if that is not changed, they get bored. Increasing Do It Yourself (DIY) at home is one of the unique ways of reducing a child's boredom in the homeschool. DIY projects can be in form of painting, building and crafts making. This helps the kid to be more creative and will induce in the child to think of innovative ideas.
  • introduce playing and puzzles to your homeschooling curriculum.
    Sometimes, just inform the kids that the days homeschooling activity is playing and at intervals you keep them busy with educational puzzles games that'll keep them busy for the day. Remember that playing is relaxing and refreshes the brain.
  • learn to teach the kids using the simple to complex methods.
    Most parents fails to understand that kids are kids and not adults. What I mean is, using complex ideas to teach kids can be so so boring and time wasting. Try to teach them from simple (known) to complex (unknown). This will help you trace their progress.
  • understand your kids assimilation time.
    I child might be tired from school or other daily activities, so to help the child regain energy, the parent should encourage the child to take a nap. Some parents just force their kids into homeschooling activities without understanding their assimilation level. Remember that the assimilation level of the child can change at anytime, so the parent needs to be observant at all times.
  • introduce storytelling into your curriculum.
    One good thing about storytelling is that, it's a good and quick cure for homeschoolers boredom. Using the storytelling method of teaching helps you to revive the kid and gain full charge of the kids. Tell interesting stories to your kids and you'll see great difference in their lives.

Hope you've learnt a little from my post, do have a nice time ahead.


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