US African Command (AFRICOM) said it has killed 27 al-Shabab fighters in central Somalia in a joint military operations in Somalia

One of the problems facing Somalia apart from drought and famine is the constant attacks on innocent citizens and their farms by the al-Shabab terrorist group that's operating in Somalia and other parts of Africa.


US African Command (AFRICOM) in SomaliaSource

One of the reasons of establishing the US African Command (AFRICOM) is to mobilize extra hands in times of military operations in Africa and other parts of the world. AFRICOM have been in operation for many years and has helped in fighting against terrorism within the African continent.

For the past few years, the al-Shabab terrorist group have been violently taking foods and other products from innocent citizens living within central Somalia and these I'll act have made most residents in central Somalia to form paramilitary groups, which have helped the military to effectively fight against the activities of terrorists within the region.

In early September, about 19 civilians were killed by the al-Shabab terrorist group and this has made the US military in Africa to attack the terrorist group in most recent times.

The United States military has said it killed 27 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia’s central Hiran region, where the country’s army and allied forces have launched an offensive against the group in the last month.
In a statement on Wednesday, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) said it carried out an air strike against al-Shabab fighters who were attacking Somali military forces near the town of Buulobarde on September 18.Source

It has been announced by AFRICOM in the AFRICOM website that the joint military operations on Sunday have killed a total number of 27 al-Shabab terrorists in central Somalia.

Just within this year, the US African Command (AFRICOM) have launched 6 airstrikes in Somalia within her areas of responsibility and they're as follows: February 22, June 3, July 17, August 9, 14 and September 18 and all of these airstrikes are engaged in favor of the Somalia Federal government against the insurgents as reported in the AFRICOM website

Residents of the Hiran region say al-Shabab’s torching of houses, destruction of wells and killing of civilians, combined with demands for taxes amidst the worst drought in 40 years, has pushed locals to form paramilitary groups to fight alongside the government.Source

This is a huge step towards reducing the activities of insurgents in Somalia and with the collaboration of residents, it means the end is closer than imagined. This is because residents knows the insurgents hideouts in the society and with leads from them, insurgency will soon be wiped out from Somalia, although this is posed with one major challenge: constant protection by the military.

Exposing insurgents and their hideouts isn't an issue, after exposing the insurgents, does the civilian populace have adequate security that'll help them withstand the retaliating strikes from the insurgents.

From the above deduction, the US African Command (AFRICOM), should make it a point of duty to constantly protect the citizens from retaliatory attacks after operations like that of Sunday.

The killing of 27 al-Shabab terrorists is a right move in a right direction. More wins for AFRICOM in Somalia.