What's the Present Covid Reality in 2022? Pandemic or Endemic

Greetings to all esteem Hiveans.
It's been troubling my mind for sometimes now and I've been asking myself some questions like, when will the world return to normal life and when will the covid-19 pandemic come to an end? It just seems that these questions are just imaginary and probably just an assumption going on in my mind. The reality is that, we've just entered the third year of the ravaging covid-19 pandemic and it's as if the World Health Organization and other high rated scientists and researchers are not able to give us the adequate treatment or even cure this pandemic. This means it's time we face the realities rather than continuously running from pillar to post. I want to see people return to their normal life, where during the Christmas holidays and thanksgiving people could visit family and friends to celebrate how they're able to overcome the huddles of life within the year. If we want this dreams of normal life to come through, then we must decided as soon as possible if the covid-19 pandemic is a pandemic or an endemic. Greetings from @inspiredbyhive.

Since it's inception, the covid-19 pandemic has progressive in terms of infections and deaths across the globe. The global statistics as at the 3rd week of January 2022, the covid-19 infections is over 300 million and the death about 5.5 million, what a high statistics in just 2 years of this pandemic. Don't you think that it's high time we start seeing the covid-19 as an endemic rather than the pandemic we've been calling it? The reasons for this statement is because of the failures of the experimental vaccines produced to reduce or eliminate the covid-19 pandemic from the world. Since the vaccines are not effective and efficient, I think we can face the reality that the virus has come to stay. The earlier we do that and return to our pre-covid lifestyle, the better for us both economically and otherwise.


Dr. Fauci at the World Economic Summit held at Bloomberg described the covid-19 pandemic and it's realities in this words:

The history of infectious diseases can tell us something about the next stages of the pandemic, Anthony Fauci, the Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, explained.
Endemicity would mean 'a non-disruptive presence without elimination', he said. Similar to other cold-weather upper respiratory infections or parainfluenzas, he explained.


Judging from Anthony Fauci's description of the next stages of the covid-19 pandemic, we could see that there were other infections that have ravaged the entire globe in the past that the world has accepted as part of it and are currently treated as normal disease. One of such infections include, cold-weather upper respiratory infection, which is treated with pills 💊💊💊. I think once the world's attention is shifted from the covid-19 pandemic, it'll naturally die off. Remember the Spanish Flu that ravaged the world in the 1980s and was later declared an endemic, immediately the world took it as part of their normal life, it gradually fizzled out and today people can only read it from books and magazines.

Why Endemic rather than Pandemic?
The more the world sees the coronavirus as a pandemic, the more the government's all over the world will continue to place strict covid-19 restrictions on their countries respectively. These restrictions have caused many their jobs and means of survival. Probably caused hunger and starvation. I remember the early periods of the covid-19 lockdown in 2020 in Nigeria, most private employees and business owners suffered from severe hardships. This is because they weren't paid as long as the lockdown existed, this in turn caused deaths resulting from inability of parents to pay hospital bills for their children's healthcare.
Be that as it may, once it's the covid-19 is declared by the World Health Organization as an endemic, people will return to their normal life and businesses will resume. This will also make that had lost their jobs because to start looking out for another. I'll say that it's not easy to stay at home for two years without a job and renumeration to help sustain their livelihoods.

Finally, facing the realities of life will help one understand the progress or decline they've made over time. What's your own view about the covid, pandemic or endemic?