Returning to the platform with the traditional drawing


Hello to all art lovers!!! I came back and you have no idea how much I missed showing my drawings to all of you. ^_^

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Hello, I'm Inu-Jim, I introduce myself to you again, because unfortunately I left this beautiful platform for a long time, and I'm pretty sure that the people who followed me have already forgotten about me, that's how the internet is if you're not constant you run the risk of being forgotten, the world is a place of constant change and progress, and 2 years missing for an artist has its consequences.

The reason why I stopped publishing and sharing my illustrations is simple, it was because I worked in a marketing company as a designer. It always seemed ironic and strange to me that the profession of graphic design and even more so if you work for an advertising company and marketing somehow shuts down your creativity and removes the passion from art, all for the sake of adapting to business trends, to boost clients' brands.

Now I understand what one of my favorite artists “Raúl Trevino” went through. In one of his videos he commented on why he had to abandon his Graphic Design career. That company where I was working changed direction to a more corporate one and moved to the center largest commercial in my country, and since now it was more distant from my home and it was more dangerous for me to get to that place, since I travel by bicycle, I left that job on good terms, unlike other co-workers who also left that company while the change of CDs was happening, the good thing is that the pandemic is over (although the Covid is still out there getting stronger, get vaccinated and wear a mask) and the arts academy where I used to work reopened, changed administration and looks more alive and artistic, they contacted me and I went back to work there as a teacher of the "Advanced Drawing Class" and I am very happy about it, teaching children to draw is something wonderful and I would not change it for anything, and the best of all is that now I have more free time to go back to my drawings and all the ideas that I wanted to try and experiment, something sad is that the previous owners They took the drawings that I had pasted in the drawing room as decoration, it is for that reason and it would also serve as a great exercise to resume my creative life, to fill the walls of the room with drawings made by me.

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I set myself the goal of making 80 small fanart drawings of the artists I use as inspiration. A good exercise is to learn different styles of other artists, to see what can be used to improve and develop your own style, it also serves to train the eye, since the objective is to achieve an almost perfect replica, when it is achieved, you must look for a most difficult work, which to attempt.

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It's surprising but when I work in the marketing company I was never motivated to draw, not even to make drawings with this quality of detail, I never thought I would reach this quality with the details.

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When I made these drawings with a more realistic aesthetic, I realized that the realistic style is the one that best suits when drawing epic fantasy.

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These are the first 8 drawings that I make for the living room, I have 72 more to do.

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Experience, practice + time

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Several of these drawings I did, I had done a long time ago, to be more specific 6 years ago in 2016, which allowed me to make a comparison of my 2016 drawings with the new ones from 2022.

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When I made those drawings of the great artist "Stjepan Sejic" in 2016 I felt very proud, for bringing me a little closer to his style, but now that I compare them with these that I made in 2022... the difference is brutal, the previous ones had many proportion errors and distribution, and seemed more comic style than realistic, I also realized how incredible one can improve with practice, patience and the passage of time.

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References for these drawings


Stjepan Sejic is a great, wonderful and famous digital comic artist, who has worked for both DC comics and Marvel comics, all his work is done digitally with the Photoshop program, and these are his sketches that he usually does for practice or for entertainment, and as a way of honoring him I decided to do each of them in a traditional way using several pencils. The talent that this artist has is surprising, for what is a very complete and detailed drawing for him, it is a simple unfinished sketch.

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The beginning of a nice project


As I mentioned at the beginning, the main reason for making these drawings is to decorate the room where I give my drawing classes, and I set myself the goal of covering this wall with 80 traditional 11 x 14 cm drawings made in pencil, the real goal is cover all the walls of the room with drawings, but as they say one step at a time and I will go with this first, little by little I will show the progress with covering this wall with drawings. I really want this to be the most creative and inspiring, and that in the end it looks like a TV set for a drawing program, so I also plan to do other crafts in the future, to decorate this room and this is the most beautiful and interesting visually from the whole academy ^_^.

Technical information:

Traditional drawings
Format 11 x 14 cm
Pencils used: 2H, 3H, HB, 2B, 3B y 6B

Thank you very much for reading my post

What are your criticisms and comments about this drawing, what would you improve?
Please let me know in the comments below.
I hope you liked my work
See you in a future post


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Welcome back! I followed you ages ago and have been popping to your page now and then to see if you'd updated anything in the hopes that one day you'd be back to the chain and here you are!! Super pumped to see you back in action. I look forward to more of your art!


wow! thanks ^_^, for being aware of my account all this time, I hope little by little to continue showing more drawings, right now I have problems with my pc so I will only show traditional drawings, but yes! I'm back :-)


!discovery 30

Welcome back, good to see you posting again. Are you still active on discord?


It is so good to see you back! I'd be happy to see your new works.
Ye, work can drain from you the passion and the artistic side, specially graphic design, they are not oriented in the same direction, but the income is so necessary.
I hope you find a new project or a work closer to your expectations, and welcome back!