my story with coffee farmers



Hello coffee lovers all over the world wherever you are, today I will not tell you where I drink coffee or review the types of coffee drinking and others, but today let me share a little story about my early knowledge of coffee.

Basically I suffer from gastric disease and I am not allowed to drink coffee by the doctor, because coffee contains caffeine and acid substances which will make the stomach bloated and windy and it is absolutely not allowed for those who have gastric disease like me.

But long story short, I traveled to Takegon City, where the city is known as the best coffee-producing city, generally people who live in Takegon are coffee farmers.
Takengon city is a plateau located 1200m above sea level.



The city of Takengon is not only known as the best coffee producer, but also quite known for its very beautiful natural panorama.

Once a few years ago when I first visited Takengon city, I met a farmer who was taking care of his coffee garden, I saw that the farmer was very diligent and kind, then I approached the coffee farmer, wanting to see what he wanted to do. The farmer very politely invited me to sit on the gebuk in his garden.

Then we talked to each other at length and finally got to the topic of discussion, he asked me have you had coffee?


My mind immediately went down, how could I not while I was visiting the best coffee producing city but I don't drink coffee.

Then here I also tell you that I am not allowed to drink coffee, because I suffer from stomach disease.
Then the coffee farmer casually answered, who said gastric disease can't drink coffee? I'm getting more curious and asked myself, can those who suffer from stomach disease drink coffee...
I just said yes to the farmer while he was talking.

Long story short, then I was invited to the coffee farmer's house, and he said there is a trick on how to drink coffee for those who have stomach problems, so that your stomach doesn't get bloated and nauseous.

Not long after, the coffee farmer's wife came by bringing 2 cups of coffee to the two of us.
My mind is getting confused whether I should drink or refuse it, if I refuse I don't appreciate the kindness of the farmer, even if I drink then I will get hurt. Two very difficult choices for me to choose.

Then the farmer explained to me the trick to drinking coffee so that the stomach is not bloated and nauseous.
My coffee is a coffee of choice called arabica coffee, this coffee has a little acid content, in contrast to robusta coffee, which contains a lot of acid, and arabica coffee is relatively expensive compared to robusta coffee.

Then he also explained again how to drink arica coffee, if you drink arabica coffee don't use sugar, how can you drink coffee without sugar doesn't it taste very bitter..
Here he explains that sugar contains a lot of calories so that many people have diabetes and it is not good for health if coffee is mixed with sugar it will cause chemical compounds.

While the benefits of drinking coffee without sugar contain lots of minerals in it, such as potassium, sodium, folate, and magnesium. Not only that, coffee also contains the antioxidant riboflavin.

Here I was silent without saying anything, his explanation was very intellectual, then I also tried to drink coffee little by little to adapt to the coffee, and what he said was very true, my stomach was not nauseous, a sense of happiness radiated from my face, so asked for one more glass to drink it back.


Then he gave me a packet of coffee for me to take home.


Apart from owning a coffee plantation, he also owns a very large tobacco-cigarette plantation and this is the result of the farmer's second economic opinion.


  • Experience
    I am very happy to be able to take a walk to takengon city with beautiful natural scenery and the best coffee-producing city.
    I got a lot of knowledge while in the city, don't ever say that coffee is not good for health, but what you have to fix is ​​how you drink coffee.
    Remember the farmer's message that he conveyed how to drink coffee for health, don't use sugar, because when coffee meets sugar it will cause a chemical reaction.
    So much knowledge that I got while I was in the city of Takengon, and this is a personal story in my life.
    Hopefully my story can inspire those of you who are coffee lovers.
    My best regards to the admin founder of the @CinnamonCupCoffee community and the entire team involved there.


thank you for sharing your story


thank you my brother for reading my story and this is my first story about coffee