Children and adults should learn to cook

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I am learning a lot from this community and would like to add my opinion
And that is the task of cooking in the house. If a person in the house, whether it is a girl or a boy, an old aunt who comes to cook in the house, he should cook food for all the women and men of the house on a daily basis. teach

That is my topic for today

And this is my first post in this community
Today's girls don't learn to cook, then when they get married, there are many difficulties, then she misses her mother and then she says, "I wish I had learned to cook from my mother, but there are some mothers who She also teaches her daughters how to cook and also gives practical training about housework and that is what makes a successful mother.
There are families who give cooking classes to their children and teach them to cook all kinds of food, but there are also some parents who do not teach their children anything in pampering but have to practice in life if already. Once learned, it becomes very easy
I remember when I was little, I used to watch my mother cook and I could learn a lot and these are the things I remember today, that was a memorable day for me. I cook good food and this is my desire to teach my children to cook good food so that in my absence the children can cook and eat by themselves and this should be taught to the children.

After school there should be a children's class at home in which practical methods of cooking and how much vegetables and tomatoes etc. and rice should be taught because this is the age of children to learn if children are taught at that age. So all the things sit in the mind of the children and the children do not forget it throughout their life and these children grow up and then do all the things they learned in their childhood. If the class is given to children, the children will become experts in cooking

And when the children grow up and learn to cook and teach the children of that time, your hard work will pay off. Food is something that is necessary for every person living in the world. Can't survive, so one should learn to cook so that one doesn't have to do the services of someone else.
I especially want to address the girls and say that if you learn to cook before marriage, then you will be able to win the hearts of your parents and go ahead and win the hearts of your in-laws as well because the hand of a girl It is recognizable as cooked food