Clowns and children's pranks🤣😁

This world is a circus, we are all clowns, just like in the circus, we make people laugh and win people's hearts and show their art. When someone talks in the house, they respond like this
Sometimes they put their hands behind their back
Close your eyes🙄
And sometimes lift up your nose to see everything in between
And sometimes they lift one leg and sometimes they lift the other leg
Another road is running in the house, the family is watching the circus in free
Haha, children and adults are teething
The wife is with us by putting her hand over her mouth 👄 🤪
This is Joker's family
But a clown is a human being, he also has problems in his life, but he hides his problems and breathes his face in front of people and cries, some people's eyes also shed tears and then they His face can open when he jokes
Tears are flowing from the eyes
Fire is coming out from behind
Looking at his eyes, he is dancing from below
Moving both legs and where
But his face is not a cry as it is, it is a comedy.
No matter how you meet, you are destined to cry and make people smile with your art
Laughing while crying and crying while laughing is the art
That aunty was alone in the house, so the children came and the children started disturbing the aunty
A child started to clean his shoes with aunty's cloth. How did aunty get angry? A child put his hands on aunty's mouth. Aunty's voice also stopped. A child closed aunty's eyes.
These are children or jinn
Children act like demons
Satan also seeks shelter from children. What is a human being?
These children are very mischievous and sometimes do such acts that the viewer is surprised
Keep the head on the bed and raise the legs
And they scare the sleeping mother by making her look like a witch
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha these children also act like devils🤣😂
Aunties repent, seeing the children, the child goes to someone's house and flies there, and the aunt finds him alone.
Aunty then updates her software
Ha ha ha ha ha ha🤣😂

There are also children whose teeth are like witches, they forbid the living of their parents and relatives, they frighten the sleeper as if a witch has come and eats them with their teeth.
In the dark, they really look like their teeth are big.
Hahaha these are the actions of children, sometimes they become witches and sometimes they act like monkeys and climb on the roofs of houses.
And from above they call their parents Jah
Ha ha ha ha ha ha🤣😆
Children sitting at home do not get peace
If a donkey comes in the street, the children all sit on top and some stick down and some children chase the naughty donkey and run.
Oh baby move ha ha ha ha ha