Coffee made with heart and love

From heart to heart and this comfort turns into love. When someone is seen, then the meeting is also thought of and if the meeting is at a good coffee point and a good coffee is offered with one's own hands. That meeting is always remembered. Heart to heart and heart is made on a cup of coffee and it reflects it. Love is created in the heart and a good cup of coffee is given to a loved one. If you drink it with your hands, the pleasures of life are doubled
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This world is such that those who live in it never get peace and the day gets peace. Sometimes there are troubles in their life but if the lover finds good and is accompanied by tea or good coffee. Life goes on like living in the streets of flowers and sleeping on the buds to sleep is like a silk bed and when I open my eyes I have a good cup of coffee in front of me and that heart I am presenting such desires of every girl
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Lord of my life, put your hand on my heart and don't let my breath go out in the joy of your coming. Peace of heart, peace of heart and peace of heart. There is love in it and the hands of the creator are also lovely and he would like to kiss with his lovely hands the hands with which he would hold me and present it to me. There are very few opportunities in life to make love. I have such opportunities again and again, but the heart is the heart, whether it is built on top or the heart is in the chest.
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They make the loneliness of the heart a sound and when the heart does, they make a cup of coffee. The coffee is such that the heart is happy. The small grains that are with the coffee are also eaten and with it some It can be played late, it can be counted if you are sitting idle. I like those coffee beans very much and I watch and eat them with great interest and I love them with all my heart.
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Those who live in the heart live in the heart no matter where the heart is made and there are arrows in it. They live in the heart. They do not come out of the heart. The heart is made on the cup. The heart longs for such a cup of tea and coffee