Does the wife do the housework with the husband?

I hope all the friends are well and they are washing dishes after fighting with their wives and the house is cleaned by the wife with her husband and you are doing well. Do it because you haven't washed your face yet
Like a lion
He passed by me and did not ask about my condition
How could he ask? He had slipped and fallen
When asked about the situation, he ate a spicy burger which seemed to be running😂
He was asking how the cute little doggie was running after him
He was about to clean all the utensils of the house
How could he ask the friend who was doing the job of feeding his friend from the hotel and getting less money out of his pocket and washing dishes at the hotel?🤣
How could they ask about you?
He did not clean his nose
How could she ask? The stench was going away from her socks
But still, he was lucky enough to ask about it😁
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He becomes a big father who is afraid of children
Why don't you be afraid? Children are so scared that all four layers become bright
As a man was leaving, his son hid in the darkness and placed a firecracker in front of him. When it exploded, the father ran backwards. When he removed the mask from his face, he found out that it was his son who was scaring his father like a ghost. Children are naughty.
Sometimes children do such mischief that the onlookers are amazed at how to bite their parents on the face with their teeth and make their parents scream. Falling on the face is a child's mischief


The girl's hair was fluttering in the air. It was as if I was the mother of a witch. Her hair looked like a buffalo clearing the ground with its tail and its snoring was like flying a helicopter and its The teeth were like cat's teeth
How would a girl feel if her front two teeth fell out?
She will look like a beauty queen
She will look like a fairy queen
There will be no girl like her
So beautiful that every viewer falls unconscious
It will look so cute that girls will be ashamed
And her teeth will look so cute that the children will be scared to see them
And what do the adults have to say if there are no teeth then nothing
Whose mouth is like an empty nest that does not protect teeth?
Why should he protect? His teeth were eaten by rats
His teeth were to be carried by the raven
The cat was ready to eat its teeth
When they slept at night and woke up in the morning, they had no teeth
The tooth took the rat and the rat took the cat and the rat will not come back and the tooth will not come back.
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Never smile in life so that your digestion can be correct
If the digestion is correct then the health is maintained and if the health is maintained then there is no problem in beating the girls
And the wife's body does not get tired of doing household chores because all the work has to be done by the wife from the husband. This is the wife and this is the happiness of her friends which is heavy on the husband.