Dreams of my life


I went to a world where there was love and greenery everywhere. Birds were chirping and flying and all the birds were following my instructions. I was very happy in this world. I was there with my friends. It was a beautiful world that was so beautiful and I didn't want to come back from it and I was afraid that someone would take me back to my world. This world is very good where there is no trouble. No, there is happiness everywhere. I liked the animals very much
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The beasts of the field came to me and sat down and obeyed me. I was speaking to the animals in my own language and they were also speaking in my language and obeying my every command. I was very happy, bird. It was rising above my head and wherever I was pointing the birds were moving. That world was a different world. I was so happy there that I had never seen such a world in my life. Birds flying. I felt great believing
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I loved the birds and the animals. Some birds were sitting on my hands and beautiful animals were all around me. Some souls were very sweet. Rivers were flowing. The water seemed very beautiful. The flowers were blooming, there was green grass everywhere, and I sat in it, looking as if I had gone to my childhood, and spent my childhood sitting here, playing with birds 🦜and animals.🦌🦒
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And I was talking about the prince of my dreams and was lost somewhere in the forest. I felt like a beautiful forest. I had no fear and no fear because the animals were obeying me and the birds were protecting me. I went to the forest in search of the prince of my dreams with whom I was to live but I could not see anywhere
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But then what happens is that all of a sudden my eyes open and I am lying on my bed and coming out of the world of dreams and in the real world the same thing happens in raising children and doing worldly work. I had to do something again and leave the dreams here. She was looking here. These were the beautiful dreams of my life that I saw and I wish it would come true.