Having a good location and having some food with tea is a lot of fun

If you get some food with tea then that day goes very well and if you find things that you have never eaten or seen before then you get a surprise. I have to go somewhere many times and often a lot of things with tea. When guests come to visit someone, they do something through their hospitality to make them special guests and they offer good biscuits, pastes etc. with good tea so that the guests will be happy with our hospitality and That tea is also delicious
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Fresh biscuits made from bakery and hot biscuits if offered and I am very happy to eat such biscuits and I love fresh biscuits and I love biscuits with new design. I soak in tea and eat biscuits
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If some of the food is salty and tasty, then the taste of the tea is even greater. And I always have tea with the sandwiches when I go to town and the lovely sandwiches that are invited to the hospitality are of good quality and I really like my heart that brought the sandwiches for me. Let me kiss his hand
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Be a good hospitable host and have a good location to sit where you do not want to sit and get up and the table on which tea and other biscuits etc. are placed is also so beautiful that it makes the heart to keep looking at it and my heart is happy Be and I have some food and I have a lot of fun. I am impatient to drink such tea. Sometimes such tea will be destined. I like to sit in a good location and drink tea and eat something.


Someone should look me in the eye while drinking tea and look at me and he should be the one I love and we should both sit together and share the things of our life and drink tea with pleasure Be impatient