Sheep's milk is thick and the tea is very tasty

I like pure milk and condensed milk very much and it is a delicious tea. It looks like something delicious with cream on the lips and it is very fun to drink such tea.
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The thickest milk in the world is sheep's milk. It is mixed seven times on top of the milk and this pure milk is very popular in making tea as well as ice cream. The goats are kept and their milk is extracted and sold in ice cream factories and bottles in the market. They set up a huge project through which they also earn money and drink pure milk.
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I like to drink such tea again and again, even if it is very tasty. When I put it on my lips, I get a server and I get lost in my dreams. If I make it, I make it from sheep's milk. I put green cardamom in it and put almonds in it. When I make tea, it becomes very delicious. I don't add water in it.
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And I make tea in a slightly different way. I first boil the milk and put the cream on top of it and then I make the tea. The milk has to be extracted from the milk and then the tea has to be put on low heat and first it has to be taken off. The cream has to be put in it and it has to be cooked well. Will miss
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A lot of money can be spent on tea. Tea can be made as you like. It can be poured into almonds and it can be added on top by chopping almond kernels. Makes and some people rub almonds in tea
I love tea with almond kernel and sheep's milk, and you will want to drink it again when you drink it.