Vegetable and chicken🐔 became very curious if it be the good

We cook everyday home made food is best to eat in the house and the love chicken meat if causes also very fun to be cooked with vegetable and manifestation of the child and the interest to food and vegetarian chicken I do not like and whose verses are made and chicken and I'll tell you how it is made
Vegetable Chicken build time is first thing which is kept cut the onions and place cut green peppers, tomatoes and ginger with him remember three things pruning and are brakes and three Lessons are things that ginger and green pepper and place in the brakes as you can see
And vegetables are placed on the chopping whose verses have been placed washed thoroughly, cut vegetables cut the time that you have to take care of one thing if vegetable error is thrown right vegetable cut it be placed and it would be best to cut onions two tomato cut off with the first to be prepared all the things that get in before the hot food
The poultry meat is given to the further cleaning with water and thoroughly cleaned so that no rescue and fat to keep them clean poultry meat blood were above are not above it is taken to wash well then the water is dry
And then gets thoroughly warm when putting food in a pot is placed over the fire go out in the onion, green pepper and tomato and pour nicely brown and the chicken in it is fried

Does chicken when it seems to be free gradually change its color and is water inside the chicken seems to hold quite dry due because it gets dry food chicken when out a herb chicken is the only well that is or is just a little bit to put it shortly before the chicken is uncooked vegetable ripening

And remember that putting water goes well cooked that it vegetarian chicken are cooked in that they do not take dra peppers in the red pepper and the perfection of green pepper salt to put in he is vegetarian and chicken and vegetable then they will begin to hold together the chicken will be dry ten minutes later to check on the well will be a spoon Hala
Shortly the chicken and whose verses will be prepared by the custom If consomme to have taken off from this calculation will be very fun I can be blended with the coriander and cumin is the cilantro fragrance along with many proven health benefits of cilantro cilantro zrur I put a lot into every vegetable and meat, which is above the cook in the house and whose verses have been produced meat

We eat with the Village People is a vegetarian and a very tasty dish that is eaten with wheat flour bread they eat cooked chicken which is very fun and enjoy it a the vegetable becomes a meat dish for the vegetarian's heart to eat the flavor of chicken curry and it is becoming broth becomes a too much fun it must eat cooked one vegetarian meat for the same health proves beneficial
It is expected that the local dish would you like me


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