WWE Hilarious🤣😂

Today I am going to talk about interesting matches and in which there are many scenes that become the center of interest for all the viewers. falls into the eyes of others
Does his fingers leave a trace in his eyes?
Are those his fingers cobras?
But when he makes his mouth like that, sir, all the people sitting there and watching the TV laugh so much that their stomachs start hurting.
The event itself is poison in his fingers


Now I'm talking about a black wrestler cafe, these are four people and they are very interesting. There was a top that was put on a plate of chips and that would save it.
At one point someone threw it out to the commentator and everyone was watching to see how it would go back into the ring
But after making people laugh, he reached the ring again
Picking up the referee's chair, putting his legs up, he hopped back into the ring like a turtle
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
What fun was in this scene?


I admire you a lot as the greatest wrestler
The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar
The Undertaker Brock Lesnar looks scared, but he starts laughing from the front and the crowd laughs too.
Moments like this are rare to see, but it's fun to watch


Women presslers are no less, sometimes they play a strip match and sometimes they scream loudly during the match.
Some wrestlers are so fat they are matched with the weakest wrestlers
Then they repent
They may die below if thick reeds fall on top of them
There is professional training for this
Everyone knows the boogeyman
Everyone knows what he eats and sometimes he puts the same thing in girls' mouths that he does himself
What does he eat?
That's why girls touch wrestler ears


What is a Royal Rambo Match?
It's very interesting that it happened two years later
And I watch with great pleasure and can clap and be very happy
When a fat wrestler is picked up and thrown out
And finally it is the turn of the throwers. Only one left in the ring wins the match. In one match, Big Show entered the ring and started throwing everyone out. Together they threw the bigshoe out, someone caught the legs and someone threw them very hard out of the hand and ring.

I like the funniest scenes and clap and am very happy. My family calls me crazy because I am watching TV and they are watching me.
Does anyone know what I am seeing?


Honestly ehn, I don't watch WWE again because it's just too fake for me right now