Cryptobrewmaster. Last November Week Summary



Let's make a summary for the last November week in Cryptobrewmaster.

I told you that I was busy during this week. I have so many ongoing projects and ideas in my head, so I don't know how to organize all of them. But on another side, I see the progress, I see some results of my work and it makes me happy. It motivates me.

I got into TOP 25 in the Busy Bee event and I received 5 ingredients, one of which is of good quality! I finished in 23rd place, so I didn't get free ASH tokens, but we count in that I didn't really play hard this week, then getting free cards is already a big achievement to me.


Another good news is that I sold some of my beer bottles and now I have 100+ CBM tokens on my account. Well, it is not so much, but still...


My strategy is...

  1. Get free ingredients by completing daily quests
  2. Brew the beer with these ingredients.
  3. Sell the neutral beer bottles.

Why neutral? Because I try to save green beer bottles now. I plan to go to the top 5 in the Busy Bee event soon. Also, I plan to rent all buildings in a day, so I can participate in another event, that I didn't try yet. Probably, you know what I am talking about...

What about you? What is your strategy in the game?

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Good luck! Have a nice day!

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