Rising Star. Achievement table and new cards


Good day, Rising Star family!

Thursday, Day 880 with Rising Star Game.

It was a while since I shared with you my achievement. So, let me do it now.

First of all, in total, I played 14,586 missions. I need to play 6 Open Mic Night missions, 7 Saturday Support missions, 7 Full Band Support missions, 10 County Festival Auditions to cross another line. But my main goal is 4,000 played Illegal Busking gigs! And I am still far from it

This time it took me around 4 days to collect extra 100,000 starbits. My goal is to make 100,000 starbits in a day. Do you think it is possible? Time will show... but meanwhile here are my new 36 cards!

An epic card!!!

Maybe I won't buy new card packs for a while...until the Valentine's special event, so I will have a chance to get more special cards, but I didn't decide it yet.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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