Rising Star. Game progress


Good day, Rising Star family!


Tuesday, Day 461 with Rising Star Game.

Just decided to make a game progress overview. I didn't it for a long time.

Current level

Currently, I am at level 149, and I can't wait for when I will reach level 150 because I am dying to try a new mission. And I really want to open the next territory, but it won't happen soon, cuz it is getting so difficult to level up. With every next level, we need more and more XP...

Starbits balance

I have 105,060 STARBITS on my game balance now, and I am not withdrawing them, because I want to check how many STARBITS I make in a month. I wrote about it a couple of days ago.

Also, every day I do a millionaire mission, so every day I get 10,000 starbits from that mission too.

Achievement table


I won't post all my missions, but I will show you the TOTAL missions I played. So, I played 7,078 gigs in total, and 1/3 of them are Illegal Busking gigs. I can't wait for when I will play my 3,000th Illegal Busking gig.

So, overall I guess it is not bad progress...

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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