Rising Star. Level 210 and new cards


Good day, Rising Star family!

Monday, Day 761 with Rising Star Game.

I finally reached level 210 and started playing Rap Battle gigs! If be honest, I reached that level a couple of days ago, and I am already close to level 211....

So, now I can play another 5-mins long mission and it brings me a maximum of 1,096 STARBITS!

I sold around 50k starbits, because I needed HIVE tokens. And I was happy that I have the opportunity to get some HIVE tokens when I need. Thank you, RisingStarGame!

But today I spent my starbits on another bulk of packs! Yesterday my ego jumped to 2% for a while, so I need to get more skills.

Now, let's open my card packs!

Oh! 2 Rare cards in one pack!

And here is the last but not the least pack with 2 rare cards!!!

Okey! I like my new cards! Now, in total I have 1343 cards and Rap Battle gig brings me maximum 1114 Starbits right now. It is +8 Starbits than it was before!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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