Rising Star. Welcome to the Zone #4 :)


Good day, Rising Star family!

Friday, Day 721 with Rising Star Game.

02:55 Your manager auditions were a success and you unlocked the manager slot!

It was the best thing that could happen on Friday morning :) It was my 5th Manager audition gig and I found the best manager for my band! If be honest, I didn't expect to find a manager so soon, I was ready to play at least 20 gigs. So, do you understand how happy I am now?!

Now my band is ready to explore the new zone - Zone #4!!! And I prepared the list of tasks/goals I need to complete to explore the whole area.

Zone #4

But first, let me just show you that zone. The zone is called Country Tour (2), and there are 8 different gigs!

List of TO DO

  1. Level. To start exploring that zone I need min. Level 210 and to play the last gig I need min Level 350.
  2. Fans. Min. 75,000 Fans (requirement for the last gig)
  3. 50 Petrol Cans. Required for Road Crew Lesson and for Country Tour (I have 30ea, so I need to buy 20ea more)
  4. 2 Touring Coach. 1 is required for Country Support Tour and 2 for the Country Tour. (I have one card, so I need one more.)
  5. 4 Rare instruments. Required for Country Festival Auditions. ✔️
  6. Cheap Rehearsal Room. Required for Band Rehearsal 2. ✔️
  7. 4 Epic instruments. Required for Band Rehearsal 2.
  8. Limo. Required for Country Festival ✔️
  9. 10 Road Crew lessons. Required for Hire a Road Crew.

The first 2 tasks that I plan to do first are tasks #1 and #3. When I will have 50 Petrol Cans in the collection, I can start playing Road Crew Lessons.

Anyways, I am super excited! And can't wait when I will finish that zone 😆

Game suggestion

I am not sure if @risingstargame will see it or not. But the thing that I thought about when I was buying Petrol Cans is 'Why it is impossible to buy bulk?. Buying 25 cards one by one was a little bit annoying and took time.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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