RE: Which has Greater Authority? The Rule of Law or Hierarchical Power Structure?


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they should be desperately, intensely focused on one thing--getting that Witchmer woman out of the governor's seat

I agree with this sentiment completely. Everyone claims to want this, but some within the party are acting like old-school mafia. We heard a report that one delegate came to the home of another delegate and was shouting at the door that she has to go to the "right" convention. When she didn't come out, she tried talking to her children to get her mom outside. Intimidation tactics!

Another was fighting with my wife online, finally my wife asked her "Are you coming to my house with a baseball bat? If so, I'll take my little crew of crumb-crunchers to the inlaws." People within the republican party are acting like old-school mafia! Against themselves!

I'm a libertarian

The irony here is that I have very libertarian views also (with a conservative base). The "camp" that we're selecting as the most effective to get the job done is seen as "NEOCON" and "RINO" and "ESTABLISHMENT". Yuck. Extremely insulting to be associated with these things, since it's exactly what we want to see gone.

May God save us from the tyrants--either from the fire or through it.

Yup, rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Every legal and political solution must be explored and tried first, but if it doesn't works, eventually the situation will get hot.