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Hello everyone
How are you today ? I hope and pray, we are all always given health and also happiness in living this life. This time, I'm back to come and participate in the Plant Power (Vegan) Community to share recipes for plant based dishes which of course are easy to duplicate and also delicious.

Do you know about katuk leaves? katuk leaf or which has the Latin name Sauropus androgynous, is a plant that grows a lot in Indonesia and also countries in Southeast Asia. Since ancient times, katuk leaves have been used for various purposes such as food and medicine. I also have a katuk leaf plant in my house, some neighbors often come to ask for some leaves for natural medicine purposes.

Mothers in Indonesia will always know katuk leaves. Katuk leaves are believed to facilitate breast milk and also provide good nutrition for breast milk. I don't know if it's true or just a popular health myth. But one thing I do know, katuk leaves are very easy to process into a delicious dish.

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Katuk leaves have the same taste as other vegetables, katuk leaves are usually cooked by boiling with boiling water and then salt is added to give it a taste. I have a katuk leaf dish recipe, which I want to share with my friends, namely Katuk Leaf Soup with Tofu.

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I was taught by my friend to make this dish about 10 years ago. At that time, my colleagues and I were working on one of the islands in Indonesia. At that time, we were so bored because we only ate fried food and never ate vegetables. Finally, my friend saw katuk leaves and made this dish for us. At that time, my friend used real coconut milk but this time, I tried to use instant coconut milk powder.

Ingredients :

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Katuk leaves 300 grams
Instant powdered coconut milk 100 grams
100 grams of bean sprouts
10 pieces of tofu
two shallots
two garlic
red chili pepper
lime leaves

Tofu Soup and Katuk Leaves Preparation:

Prepare a pot and heat about 500 ml of water.
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Crush the ginger and galangal, then add the two ingredients and the lime leaves to the water that we will heat earlier. Wait until it boils, and the water emits a fragrant aroma.
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Slice the chilies, shallots and garlic in thin strips.
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After the water in the pot boils, add the chilies, shallots and garlic. Stir everything thoroughly.
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Wait a while, until it emits a strong fragrance.
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Put the tofu into the pot and wait until it's cooked.
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After that, we prepare katuk leaves. We wash the katuk leaves first with running water.
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After that, put katuk leaves into the pot.
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When the katuk leaves start to wilt from the heat of the water, we put the bean sprouts in this pot.
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Then, put instant coconut milk powder into the pot earlier. Stir until the soup is mixed with all the ingredients. After that, we wait a while for it to boil.
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Add salt to taste, and stir until smooth.

Katuk Leaves Soup with Tofu is ready to be served and eaten.
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This dish is very suitable eaten with hot rice, and also served with spicy chili sauce. It is very easy to make, and uses very simple ingredients. Are you interested in trying?

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