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Hello everyone and all members of Cinnamon Cup Coffee, how are you friends today? I hope you are always healthy and happy in this life. This time, I participated again in this community to review one of the local coffee shops that is being talked about by many people in my city. This afternoon, I stopped and drank coffee at Miel Coffee Shop and what are the interesting things there?

Miel Coffee Shop
Miel Coffee Shop or Miel Specialty Coffee Experience (their official name for their coffee shop) is located at Dazam Raya Street no. 4 Petisah Tengah District, Medan City. The location is not very strategic because it is on a narrow street but Dazam Raya Street is a coffee shop paradise. On this street, lined up with six, coffee shops that already have their own fan base. I find it difficult to find a car park here, almost all visitors use cars when visiting this coffee shop.


This coffee shop is without a signage, but we shouldn't have a hard time finding one. We will see a blue one-story building with a wooden door that says “COFFEE” and two large plant pots marking this coffee shop. The sky that afternoon was very blue and beautiful, in harmony with the colors of the building of this coffee shop. We can't see how and what is in this coffee shop from the outside, we have to open the door to be able to see it.

Unique Coffee Shop Design



The concept of the door of this coffee shop is similar to the door anywhere from Doraemon. When the door is opened, we see a very different place. This coffee shop is very unique, shaped like an elongated one-story shophouse with a straight angled roof. Seeing this small coffee shop is similar to coffee shops in Europe or in big Australian cities. In addition, a very lively and cheerful "welcome" greeted me when I entered this coffee shop.

This coffee shop is not spacious, we might say narrow, if all the seats are filled maybe about 25 people. The concept of this coffee shop is minimalist with architectural games and very beautiful wooden furniture. The room is side by side with ornate coffee utensils, books about coffee, and other knick-knacks. We can also see wooden shelves filled with green and fresh indoor plants. The many plants here make my eyes fresh to see it.


We will not find windows here, lighting comes from lamps and the help of sunlight from the transparent roof. The condition of the coffee shop is very cold, because all the air conditioners are on. When I arrived, there were already many people in this coffee shop. Maybe, because the opening hours of this coffee shop are very short from 9 am to 5 pm. This coffee shop is brave and sure to make shorter working hours than other coffee shops ?

Specialty Coffee
Another uniqueness of this coffee shop is its simplicity. The drink menu at this coffee shop is only divided into two. For non-coffee, we can choose matcha, artisan tea and lemon tea we can order cold or warm. For the coffee menu, there are Americano, latte, espresso, and V60. We will not find mocktails or other menu variations. Miel Specialty Coffee is very confident in the quality of the coffee they use.

When it comes to a coffee shop that I visit for the first time, I usually order a glass of warm Americano to taste the quality of the coffee from the coffee shop. However, the weather in my city is very hot and I ordered an Ice Americano to cool me off this afternoon.



I'm always happy when I get an iced coffee order served in a glass cup. For some time now, there have been many coffee shops that serve cold coffee in plastic cups even when dine-in at the coffee shop. For me, the medium of serving coffee affects the taste of the coffee. I feel coffee in glass and ceramic cups tastes better than coffee in paper and plastic cups.

This Iced Americano from Miel Coffee has a very special taste. It's been a long time, I didn't find coffee this comfortable to drink. From the aroma of the coffee before drinking, the crema of the coffee produced, and of course the taste of the coffee, I can't forget the taste of the coffee I drink. Miel Coffee uses specialty Arabica coffee for every cup of coffee they use. Specilty Coffee is coffee beans that have a cupping score above 85 and some coffee beans in Indonesia have specialty coffee quality.

The condition of Miel Coffee is indeed very simple but very comfortable. I don't know, what makes this coffee shop comfortable for me. What is the friendliness of the staff? What is the design of the coffee shop? or whether the taste of quality coffee? maybe only my heart knows. Looks like, I will return to this coffee shop in the future.

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