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Hello everyone and all members of cinnamon cup coffee, how are you all? May we always be healthy and happy to live every day. I really enjoyed reading some articles about the #spillthebeans contest yesterday, lots of funny experiences and interesting stories about coffee or when we were at a coffee shop.

Talking about coffee shops, of course coffee is the main menu served. However, according to some of my friends who have coffee shops in Indonesia (specifically, the city where I live is Medan), the ratio of customers ordering coffee with other drinks (tea, lemon tea, wedang, etc.) is still 1:3. This means that if there are four people chatting at one table in a coffee shop, only one person will order coffee. Actually it is not wrong, because not everyone in Indonesia can enjoy coffee for several reasons such as health or fear of not being able to sleep.

I once ordered a non-coffee drink at a friend's coffee shop in Jakarta. At that time, he offered to try drinking Wedang Bir Pletok, this was because during one day we had drunk more than 10 cups of coffee in one day, and it seemed we had to change our drinks that night. I knew about Wedang Bir Pletok but I had never tried it at the time, I thought it tasted like wedang (wedang, is a term for drinks made from sugar and other ingredients (such as tea, coffee, ginger, etc.) which are brewed using hot water). in general, but when one sip of this warm drink enters my mouth, it's wow is amazing.

Wedang Bir Pletok
Wedang Bir Pletok is one of the traditional drinks in Indonesia and is very popular in Jakarta. Initially, Wedang Bir Pletok was a drink that was served specifically during certain events (such as parties or holidays) but changing times made this drink often present as a menu in various Jakarta coffee shops as an alternative to non-coffee drinks.

There are sad and funny stories of the invention of this drink in the past. There is a historical story (and this is common knowledge for fans of this drink), Wedang Bir Pletok is a drink inspired by the habit of drinking wine from the Dutch in the colonial era. At that time, maybe the local people saw that drinking wine and partying were cool activities and for some reason they made drinks from various spices, and made them have a color similar to wine but of course with local wisdom and culture (of course 100% non alcoholic ).

A few years ago, we could only drink Wedang Bir Pletok when we were in Jakarta, or Java Island. However, now this drink is served in a ready-to-drink package, and it is perfect for those of us who live far from Jakarta to be able to drink Wedang Bir Pletok all the time.

Wedang Bir Pletok has a composition consisting of various basic ingredients and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, lime leaves, secang wood, cloves, cardamom, lemongrass, pandan leaves, pepper, nutmeg leaves and rock sugar (you can see on the packaging). In this package, we are told about the benefits of Wedang Bir Pletok for health, increasing health, relieving the throat, improving blood circulation and warming the body (this is debatable because there has been no medical and health research, but for the throat-relieving effect, I really feel it)


I bought some ready-to-drink Wedang Bir Pletok packages from the Marketplace Application, and it's time for us to try and compare how it tastes, with the Wedang Bir Pletok I've had before.

How to Serve Wedang Bir Pletok

I bought some ready-to-drink Wedang Bir Pletok packages from the Marketplace Application, and it's time for us to try and compare how it tastes, with the Wedang Bir Pletok I've had before.


I prepared some materials and tools, such as cups, stanliess filter, stove, and pot. Then heat 500 ml of water.

Put the ingredients from the pletok into the water (don't wait for the water to boil, because we want to boil the ingredients for Wedang Bir Pletok to make it more absorbent).


When the water starts to boil, the color of the water will start to turn red and give off an authentic fragrance. Don't forget to keep stirring, I'll turn off the heat when 5-7 minutes the water is boiling and let the stew soak in.



Next, I filtered the boiled water to get Wedang Bir Pletok which was free of dregs. However, some people often enjoy Wedang Bir Pletok with all the ingredients still in the glass, it depends on their individual tastes.


Wedang Bir Pletok is ready to be enjoyed.


How does it feel ? Is it the same as the Wedang Bir Pletok that I drank at the coffee shop a few years ago? Well, at first I thought the Wedang Bir Pletok that I drank was more delicious, but then I added a little sugar and it tasted similar. (Apparently you have to add sugar to make it more delicious). Wedang Bir Pletok has a spicy taste that comes from spices, fragrant and very comfortable in the throat, this drink is suitable as an alternative to non-coffee drinks that you can serve if you have a coffee shop. Are you interested in trying Wedang Bir Pletok?

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