Le Piège de Verre (volume 2 on 3 of "Sans peur et sans reproche"), written by Eric Fouassier


I finished the second volume of the trilogy "Sans Peur et Sans Reproche", written by Eric Fouassier.

livre eric fouassier le piège de verre.jpg

This book was given to me by my sister 3 years ago, in large format. I had read the first volume in pocket format and the glossary system at the end of the book bothered me. This is not a concern if you read in large format, as the words are explained at the bottom of each relevant page.

The story takes place, in France, at the very beginning of the 16th century, in 1503. King Charles VIII had died five years earlier, leaving his wife, Queen Anne of Brittany. As agreed, she had to marry the successor to the throne, Louis of Orleans, whose reign name was Louis XII.
The Queen still managed to protect Brittany in her marriage contract, so that if she died, Brittany would not fall into the hands of the King.
Apart from that, the Queen does not seem unhappy with her new husband.

The Court left the town of Amboise and moved to Blois.
Following the recent murders of three alchemists and a letter to the Queen, she fears for the Crown and decides to instruct the apothecary Heloise Sanglar to discreetly investigate the matter.
After examining the latest crime scene, Heloise has a lead. Baron Henri de Comballec, a valiant Breton soldier and faithful friend of the Queen, will join her on this adventure, along with an esquire and two men-at-arms.
To carry out the investigation, they will have to criss-cross France according to the clues found, going from monasteries to cathedrals, following the trail of master glassmakers.

At the same time, the knight Bayard is fighting in Italy, in the region of Naples. He learns, somewhat by chance, that his beloved Heloise is conducting an investigation at the request of the Queen. For her part, Heloise is still thinking about her knight and she will be appeased to know that if he left five years ago, it was not of his own free will.

It is an adventure with many twists and turns, with riddles to solve, but also with very strong feelings.
I sometimes found it hard to let go of the book at the end of a chapter, as it is very captivating.
I've started the last volume already because I couldn't wait!

See you soon,


I took a picture of my own book


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