My afternoon of clouds.

This afternoon was phenomenal, we have been going through one of the most difficult seasons with the weather.

So far there is a lot of heat and humidity, in turn, a lot of beautiful and countless clouds.

Well, at least only in the afternoons, since in the mornings it has been different, where almost no cumulus clouds are observed.

I took this picture while I was thinking about how ephemeral life can be.

I just found out about a friend who had passed away from leukemia, and I didn't know 😔😔 I only found out when I saw a post on her social network that someone else shared with her.

There was no response.

She had just gotten married, unfortunately she left her young husband a widower, and her life, soon ended.

And I watched the clouds, I see how they pass from one side to the other, carried by the wind, without any effort.

And I just thought how life is like that sometimes, it passes in the blink of an eye, like a sigh that gets lost in the wind, like clouds that pass by without being noticed.

I felt an emptiness, a small sadness.



Ismael D. Rodríguez

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