Processing Potatoes into Pergedel

Health is the most valuable asset. For that, start getting used to healthy food, one of which is home made food

Hello hive friends, how are you today? This time I want to share process food which is one source of carbohydrates that is quite popular with all ages as a substitute for rice, namely potatoes.

Potato is a vegetable that is commonly consumed as a staple food. The healthiest processed potatoes are boiled potatoes. Boiled potatoes have quite low calories so they are good for dieting.

But this time I want to make a processed potato called "Pergedel". How to make it so easy that you can try it at home.
First prepare half a kilo of potatoes, while for the seasoning, namely:
Red onion, Garlic and Salt

How to make it?

Step 1
Fry the potatoes and shallots on medium heat until cooked

Step 2
While waiting for the potatoes to cook, grind the spices

Step 3
After that, also puree the potatoes that have been fried earlier

Step 4
Stir the spices and potatoes together. Add the soup leaves to the dough

Shape the dough into a round like the photo below

Beat the eggs, then enter the dough that has been formed

Step 7
Fry until golden brown
And the pergedel is ready to eat. Easy isn't it? Me and my Girl really like pergedel.

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I am a housewife who takes care of children at home, besides that I like to cook. That's why I share the recipes that I made. Hopefully useful and if you have any suggestions please comment. Thank you

Photo by me, using Smartphone Redmi 9C