This morning, I went to the bank to take care of an ATM. It just so happened that the road to the bank passed through a traditional market. So, when I came home from the bank I stopped at the market. Then I found one typical Javanese food that I haven't eaten in a long time, namely tiwul.

Tiwol is a staple food substitute for rice made from cassava. When I was little, I used to eat this every morning. Because every day the tiwul seller passes in front of my house. The taste of this tiwul is sweet. The ingredients from what I feel are grated coconut and sugar located in this food.

The price of this tiwul is also very cheap, I bought it for only IDR. 2k ( 0.14$). Besides buying tiwul, I also bought a layer cake and a talam pulut cake. When I got home, I immediately ate the tiwul. It didn't take long for the tiwul to run out.
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It turns out that the traditional foods that I used to often taste, a lot of which are hard to find nowadays. Or you could say it just disappeared because it was defeated by today's modern food. In fact, if we know, ancient food is healthier than today.

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