Playing Assassins Creed (v-2007). Part-4. Exploring The Kingdom.

Hi Guys,

How are you? I'm here again to share my gameplay of playing the game named Assassin's Creed. I've already uploaded three other parts of this game and I'll add the links to those posts below.

In my previous post, I shared that I was stuck on a mission and that was to pickpocket and collect an important secret latter from someone's pockets. It was hard AF and I wasn't being able to do it no matter how hard I tried. I failed several times and got in a fight with the guards too. Then I submitted my post requesting help from you all.

Thanks to @ashikstd 's suggestion in the comment section, I was able to complete the mission easily and then moved on to my next mission.

After completing the mission I was applauded by my superior for successfully completing the mission. And then I was given some choice and a new mission. I want you to watch the full video and practically learn this main information. But, before I met Al Mualim (my superior), I had to complete another mission. This mission was to find a man named "Masun" near the Cyprus tree. I needed to follow him to a quiet place away from the crowd and beat him up until he speaks out about the betrayal. I did all that and beat him up too until he spoke the truth. You'll find it in the video.


Screenshot (1712).png

Found and followed Masun

Screenshot (1714).png

Followed him to a quiet place.

Screenshot (1715).png

Beating him to get the confession.

Screenshot (1716).png

I then took him to Al Mualim, where he told the rest and then Al Mualim did something that I wasn't expecting even a little bit. It was his punishment for betrayal but I wasn't expecting it to be so extreme.

Screenshot (1718).png

Then he gave me my most extreme mission till now. First of all, he gave me my sword and hidden knife back as a reward for my success. then he gave me a list of 9 people. And told me that I'll need to kill all of them. "9 lives for mine". He told me to find someone from the black market named Tamir and kill him first and then visit the city's assassin's bureau. He said he'll inform someone about me by dispatching a bird. I'll get a surprise there.

Getting my sword and knife back.

Screenshot (1719).png

Screenshot (1720).png

The assassin character may be an excellent soldier. But, I'm a newbie and don't know how to perfectly fight with someone with a sword. I learned a few things here. The practice fighting part is a little bit longer and you may become bored of watching it. You can skip this part of the video because it doesn't have anything important or interesting other than the instructions in the beginning.

Practice Fight with Other Guards.

Screenshot (1721).png

I'm planning to make a whole series of videos of killing all 9 of them though I don't know anything about video editing on PC. But, I'll try to learn and make a video of killing all 9 of them. I'll also need to get an idea of the next storyline to do that. That's why I decided to do some other jobs first. I took a horse and started exploring the kingdom. To do that I had to find out the viewpoints. get an idea of the area and expand my map. This will give me access to move to more places in the kingdom.

Picked a Horse

Screenshot (1722).png

Found The First Viewpoint.

Screenshot (1723).png

View From First Viewpoint.

Screenshot (1724).png

Performing Leap of Faith to Get Down.

Screenshot (1725).png

I also collected some flags of "King Richard". I explored the kingdom and extended my map a lot. As a complete newbie, I had to find out about the situation first and then took my next step. That is why you'll see me running and walking or doing some confusing work. In those times I was actually trying to figure out my right move. I was trying to avoid fights. But, then I remembered one of the instructions I learned before coming here, I was instructed to kill anyone who's in my way. And that's why I first skipped a tower because it was guarded and then came back to it and killed the guards and climbed to the viewpoint.

Killing The Guards.

Screenshot (1726).png

View From Second Viewpoint.

Screenshot (1727).png

It'll be better if you directly watch the video. I've uploaded it to my youtube channel and added the link from there below. hoping that you're gonna like it.

In the end, you'll notice me picking fights with some soldiers but there was no viewpoint. I did it because there were two flags of king Richard in one place and I needed them. I was about to collect some more flags and explore the kingdom a bit more. But just then I remembered about the time and I was like "wow" it's been more than 1 hour and my PC was still running well. But I then touched my CPU casing and it was hot AF. That's why I then exited from the game and shut down my PC.

There was a lot more to say. But, I thought that if I say everything in the post, the fun to watch the gameplay will decrease. But, there's always a need for some explanation. And I tried my best to explain the story in a short and non-spoiler way with my best. There were surely some hints which I had to add to make the article interesting. And hoping that you liked my gameplay and post. I tried my best to make both of them interesting.

Thank you a lot for reading my post and watching my gameplay with your valuable time. I really appreciate it. You can also tell me your opinion and suggestion in the comment section. I'm open to any criticism and I try to learn from them. I'll be back soon with the gameplay of completing the next missions and I'm also planning to make more videos of playing different games. Suggest me some games that I can play on my PC and that is interesting to play.

The End


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