drinking coffee together at the coffee shop at night


We hang out with friends at night at a coffee shop in our area and we are always here at night drinking coffee together.

All day we work all day and to relieve fatigue we are here at night chatting small about the work we do during the day.

Especially if at night this shop is opened for night coffee connoisseurs with friends at night and on the day this shop is not opened due to each other's busyness and no one drinks coffee during the day.
It's common for us here to drink coffee together here at night, because this stall is a night stall only and is opened specifically at night.

It's very crowded here at night, gathering over coffee and playing on their cellphones.
The coffee connoisseurs here are specifically those who understand coffee and special people are also those who drink coffee here, because here especially those who drink coffee for adults or are already married. We are here until 12 at night because this shop is open for those who only understand coffee. .

That's it from me, I hope you're entertained