Gather at the coffee shop at night drinking coffee together


How are you all friends in the Indonesian hive community that we all love. meet again this time with me @iwansyuhada here in this community, and hopefully all hive friends are always in good health and always successful for all of your beloved friends wherever you are at this time. And hopefully today is better than yesterday.

At this meeting, I ask all of my friends, please, please support me here and guide me if there is something wrong in my writing, because I am new to hive, it's only been about a month since I joined the hive. coffee with friends and relatives at a coffee shop in our area at night.

We used to drink coffee together at night while talking briefly to get rid of the boredom at the coffee shop here, and almost every night we always gathered at the coffee shop to drink together.

That's my review this time, I hope all of my friends like it and thank you for accepting me in this community.