natural scenery on the river and in the rice fields

Hello hive friends, how are you all today, I hope you are in good condition today and of course better than yesterday, of course for all my friends in this beloved community, good luck to all of you who are always active here .

How are you, everyone, I'm back to this nature lover community today and I, at this meeting, will present some pictures of today's natural scenery, namely two highly displayed natural landscapes, the first below we can see together, namely the natural scenery on the river in the morning when I went to the river.

In the morning I go to the river to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in the morning on the river and how beautiful it is when I get to the river and we can see together on the bank of the river there are lots of trees, especially bamboo trees that were planted by our previous parents to hold the river cliffs so that not eroded and not quickly damaged river lips.

so with the bamboo trees, the natural scenery on the river is so beautiful, especially in the morning which is very cold and the air is very cold.

I really enjoyed going to the river in the morning before I took a bath in the river. I even had time to take a few pictures to show my friends in this community of nature lovers.

And after I came home from the river I went to the rice fields to see my rice in the rice fields, I thought I had been in the rice fields as well as the transfer of natural scenery which was so beautiful in the rice fields when I was there.

I went there almost during the day and I went there for a while to look at my rice while looking at the rice in the rice fields I also enjoyed the beauty and saw some beautiful natural scenery there and we can see together below some pictures of the scenery in the rice field area that I captured before noon a while ago when I went to the rice fields.

All right, friends, this is all from me, sir, what on this day, I hope, with the view on the river and in the rice fields, I show this for thousands of steps for all my friends.

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