Nature has been damaged due to whose fault


Hello hiver friends, I love all of you. I hope you are doing well today and of course better than yesterday for all of you in this largest community. Of course we are all always healthy and achieving what we hope for today and always enthusiastic. for all of you who are always active in this beloved community for all of you.

Nature at this time has all been damaged due to many irresponsible acts. If nature has always been patient with us, then with this we must take care of this very beautiful nature and it is so beautiful. And at this time nature has started to be damaged due to such heavy rain torrential day and night and until the water overflows into our gardens and we feel it all and we bear the risk.

In the past Nature was very beautiful and our gardens were so fertile in an ancient era and very different from how we feel now.
Damage to nature due to irresponsible acts at this time which many do irresponsible logging at this time.

Even though we have to protect nature together for us and our children and grandchildren in the future. And how much is it a shame at this point that all the protected forests have been damaged by irresponsible people at this time. We are witnessing a lot of natural erosion at this time. whatever is happening at this time. as I witnessed a few moments ago on the bank of the river many of the riverbanks have been damaged and are very unfortunate at this time.

Even now flash floods are happening everywhere like now throughout Indonesia and even abroad. And it's very sad for us to witness this for ourselves at this time. That's how I talk about the destruction of nature that we really care about.

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