Apocalyptic Homesteading (Day 1042)

Hello Everyone!

Spelling out the day, Resting along the way, The HiveFest live stream was okay & I'd trade kudzu for passion flower any day!

There is just something about spelling out what 'day' it is when I am creating these text entries... even though I do find it tedious if I have to spell it out numerous times. What I am getting at is that I enjoy how each day becomes a truly 'new day' each time that I find myself spelling out what day this 'phase of life' is on in my entries.

Perhaps I should not shy away from opening the text editor upon waking and write the daily count for where I am at... which would hopefully set the pace for the day as well as nudge me towards doing some writing... but some days that is trickier than it sounds. Not that I have found it all that daunting of late but by the time that I actually 'get to it' the day is winding down and my thoughts are a bit scattered to say the least.

Anyways, I took my own advice today and did less hiking... and less physical activity... and my body has been thankful for the rest. I even managed to not oversleep during any of my naps... or get my sleep cycle skewed the last few days and the combination is treating me well. The mental clarity sure has been handy because I keep fiddling around with a few coding projects... and toying with the idea of really 'diving back into it all' to see what I can come up with after taking a nice break from it over the previous month.

We will see how all of that jazz works out. At the moment I am really just focused on what I can do to achieve my goals of buying the land that I am at and making some if not all of my 'Hive Homestead' idea(s) come to fruition. I also keep thinking to call it a farmstead, a freehold, or maybe even a 'farmhold' or something else that does not quite fit into a single 'norm' of what such places are commonly called.

Since I have gotten off (or maybe on) topic... I got to watch the HiveFest live stream today and although the technical glitches were prolific... the speakers at the first day of the event were wonderful. There are really too many new and intriguing ideas, concepts, tools, projects and initiatives to list... and it would take a full post in and of itself... to even scratch the surface of the innovations... that even a handful of them could (and will) bring to the Hive ecosystem.

Something that I kept thinking about while watching the event was that it would be really cool to have Hive branded hardware like phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and even rechargeable battery banks to power said devices. As far as on-boarding goes I think that if the devices were pre-loaded with creator software and DApps (decentralized applications) for not just Hive but also for 'Layer Two' interfaces and internal exchanges... it could really pave the way for folks to easily engage the systems built on Hive.

How hard could it be to install open source operating systems and content creation (or even developer) software on the devices... and essentially bundled them with everything needed to publish and earn with their content... or like I said just engage! There would assuredly be a lot of quirks with distributing devices to various countries and/or regions... but for instance right now since a bunch of cellular technology just changed here... the market is flooded with 'smart phones' that are essentially paperweights... which can be bought for what a good (actual) paperweight would cost these days!

Mainly, I think that distributing hardware would be a good idea for places (regions) that do not have broad access to technology... but given the proper tools they could advance their situation to the point of building the technology they need. For instance anyone could start with a simple cheap phone and a human powered generator (like a K-Tor device) and easily charge ten to twelve phones a day in a remote area... and with more advanced technologies like mini hydro-electric, solar power, wood gas and so on... it could enable a lot of folks access to a world that there has always been a technological barrier for... ie the devices and a means to power (or charge) the devices.

Okay, I best move on to another topic before I go any further into that rabbit warren. Half my thinking is already distracted by those coding projects that I mentioned and getting anything written that meanders too far from those kinds of subjects is challenging... but I gotta move on here!

Thankfully, the weather is still holding even though that big storm is grinding its way inland much further north of here. At first I suspected that we might get some kind of 'action' from its outermost bands but nothing outside the norm has occurred yet. Today, it even got quite sunny and overall felt like a much warmer day than many of the others lately so go figure.

Once again I failed to collect the kudzu leaves (for leaf meal) and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the leaves will be brown when I return to collect them. I know it seems weird but I am always hesitant to follow through on retrieving the leaves... because I totally obsess over the idea that I might accidentally spread the vine to other parts of the property.

To call the stuff problematic is an understatement and it really is best to not let it get out of hand at a place lest it take over and cover everything! If only the passion flower vines grew a quarter as well as those kudzu vines do... I would never run out of passion fruit. Speaking of not running out of things I have been heavily weighing the idea of a large greenhouse wherein I could grow citrus and maybe other fruits throughout the year. Per usual I am highly inclined to focus on growing limes!

Alright, I am going to keep this entry rather short and call it good enough. I hope that everyone is doing well and has a nice day/night.


I can never recall the name of this ground growing 'moss' but I always love how it looks.

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Weeds always grow better than plants that you want to grow. IDK why this is but it is frustrating.


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