Apocalyptic Homesteading (Day 301-307)

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Apocalyptic Homesteading Day 301-307!

Bird Seed Everywhere, More Storms, Hiking, Seasonal Changes, A Rogue Hermit & Other Meanderings

I have been awake for a few hours now vegging out reading stuff online and brooding over my internal landscape, what I want from life and what the heck I am doing with my time. As daunting as all that jazz sounds some version of that plays out each time that I wake up so it is not all that abnormal. Although I seldom let it bug me that much (because my life is far from idyllic and I am okay with that) there is a part of me that does want to see my life get better even if progress is measured incrementally. In other words I do not let it all get to me too much and and stay focused on moving forward and being appreciative of what I do have. Mainly all of that kind of thinking leads me to wishing that I could afford the kind of healthcare that I need and also affording better food to help keep me healthy. I know that most folks want some lavish lifestyle (or some other inane thing like that) but heck all I really want at this point is to afford all the dental work it would take for me to get a pair of dentures so that I can chew again. That alone would probably solve most of what physically afflicts me. It is probably best that I do not dwell on all that stuff too much and am pretty good at just accepting my life the way that it is and making changes as I can without too much fuss along the way.

Anyway, it rained almost all day yesterday and aside from getting that last entry shared I did not get anything accomplished besides taking a bunch of long naps. The entire day is rather fuzzy at best given that I first awoke at whatever ungodly hour it was that I got up at. I think it was around midnight or something which even for me is way too damn early in the day. When I say that it rained a lot I mean it and the poor dog yard's remaining layer of topsoil sure took a beating because of it. With more rain heading this way I am thinking that I might spread a bunch of that bird seed over a few (or many) spots in the dog yard even though its life will more than likely be short-lived. It would entail keeping the chickens cooped up for a bit until everything sprouts but it might make for a good short term erosion control solution. That whole scenario is still nagging at me and although I have far from given up... I just want some grass to grow! Solutions often present themselves in the form of problems and there are always plenty of things to learn and mistakes to be made so it is not like time is not on my side in life in that regard and if I give it one effort after another maybe (just maybe) something will eventually work out.

As much as I make a big deal out of the erosion it really is minor (also well-controlled) and yeah a bunch of stuff is growing in the dog yard and the moment I stop having chickens and dogs in it the vegetation would go crazy... so in the grand (or not-so-grand) scheme of things stuff will eventually grow in nicely once I move on to my next place. Currently I want to mitigate the muck and grit as much as possible and the best approach to that is creating ground coverage even if it is in the form of straw or short lived vegetation. Although I have captured most of the eroded topsoil I did notice the other day that during the heavier rains some of it got washed downhill where it looks like it distributed itself evenly in a grassy area which seems to be doing well because of it. All of which was the idea with setting things up the way that they are (with the erosion control) but it is nice seeing it in action and actually working. As much as I may complain about not enough grass growing... the topsoil collection aspect of things and runoff water management is going super well and I now have a bunch of awesome soil to work with. I designed against what is happening now with the erosion and honestly had I not done that I would be faced with a hopeless situation instead of a 'well-mitigated' one.

On a different note entirely, I recently discovered that the chain on the bike has completely rusted up and no longer functions even after my first crude attempts to free it up. As a side note I do have what I need to fix the chain and just keep not prioritizing doing it. Anyway, when I initially woke up today (at whatever wee hour that was) I let the dogs out and immediately saw that a strand of lights on one of the bike's tires was all lit up. Now the dogs know that when something is different looking outside to bark at it first and 'ask questions later' and yeah I let them bark a bit before telling them I knew what it was. Until that moment I did not even know that the lights on the bike even worked and had never even seen them before but the power of deduction is sometimes redundant to say the least and I figured it out quickly. What I did not do (nor felt inclined to do) was go out and look closer at the lights to turn them off or anything. I dunno, that bike has sat there for months and the lights never came on so when they randomly come on during a dark and previously stormy night... and there is nothing else that the dogs are alerting to... I will postpone further investigation until the sun is out. It is more about not taking unnecessary risks than paranoia... at least that is how I am selling it to myself but either way its a hard pass on looking into weird lights in the woods in the wee hours of the morning!

I have been attempting to curb some of the profanity in these entries and although I like the results I often miss inserting the expletives that can really describe what I am thinking or even worse feeling! I mean come on if folks are honest with themselves about how we really communicate with ourselves there are seldomly gaps in the use of profanity. Just drop your phone on some asphalt and see what comes to mind if you cannot take my word for it. I mean we really use the stuff and it is not lightly by any means but an over-saturation of it just dilutes its intended purpose in my perspective at least. There is no real point here other than to note that I have noticed it being less prevalent and my shift in demeanor if anything is probably also to blame for it.

Okay, I just went for a nice hike with one of the dogs and the storms did not drop any serious foliage in the roads and after all the rain things are looking super lush as far as the wild vegetation goes. During the hike I got to thinking about the abundance of runoff water that moves across this place during those storms and how the terrain handles it so well. As far as sites go it sure drains rapidly besides the big meadow where there is quite the wetland to absorb it. Its pretty cool actually and the roads (although not perfect) do not suffer from flooding or anything like that. Most places are actually still accessible during heavy rain events and I have never seen it where it was anything approaching being inaccessible to vehicular traffic let alone foot traffic. Back to what I was getting at, it would be nice to harness as much of that runoff water as possible even if that means growing stuff in the meadow where most of it collects at. Any sort of rice would more than likely do well there but at the moment I have no idea what that would even entail or if it would be viable.

'There is time to tell all my stories' is something that I often tell myself but I have to wonder how true that really is. Sure I can tell my story in the moment that I am in but what about all those stories kept solely in my mind that often yearn to be somehow preserved even if they are not necessarily shared. The thing is I do not like the notion of delving through some skewed view of previous experiences trying to tell things as clearly as I can possibly tell them. It is like the ultimate rabbit warren of content and totally taboo as far as I am concerned simply because it is not somehow significant to the current moment... unless it is and then somehow the words pour forth and memories crystallize in such a way that I can convey them in a meaningful way and with significant enough relevance... which is all too fucking exhausting to say the absolute least.

All of which brings me back to these journals that do have those memories written within their pages and what the heck that I should do with them. What a crazy dive into the past that would be to start reading that stuff and typing it out. The key (I guess) would to not edit it beyond what is reasonable if at all. I guess that I will not know if I am mentally and emotionally prepared enough to face such a challenge until I try and yeah I have slated a portion of this winter to do so. I mainly want to focus on a few stories that I wrote because I think that from them I will gain the largest perspective upon that period of my life. When it comes down to it the fictional tales are tepid in comparison to my own stories but they are a heck of a lot easier to tell. I mean really we all live very convoluted lives and to tell things even remotely clearly is the job of professionals to decipher. In other words it is hard to have a real perspective on what is playing out in life and yeah we can drive ourselves batty trying to do so but at the end of the day it is our choices which define us so mayhaps there is hope for us yet. It is up to us to discover it along the way (not to burst anyone's bubble) the moments we have should be cherished.

I do not know how I got off on that tangent but it is now another morning and although I have been up for a few hours the sun is still long from coming up. The trickiest part about getting up so early each day is watching the clock once I start doing stuff so that the entire morning does not slip away from me and I miss the chance to do my chores before the heat of the day arrives. My time is not all that difficult to keep track of if I do not start watching videos or deep-diving into whatever topic has captured my attention at the moment. All things considered I do pretty good with it all and even have plenty of time to stare blankly off into space doing nothing but sipping my coffee and reflecting on my dreams and seeing what bubbles up to the surface as far as ideas go.

The rain never truly set in again yesterday aside from a few showers so I went ahead and spread a bunch of that bird seed over nearly half of the dog yard. Like I was saying before it might work as a good stopgap method to get some ground cover growing until I can figure something else out for a solution. The more that I look around at the dog yard after a hard rain the more I am noticing that some of the sand that I am seeing is actually washing downhill and into the dog yard from just beyond the fence uphill. Although it sounds bad it is not a big deal and I think that most of the sand is material left from when we did all that trenching along the road and the rain is gradually washing it downhill. Of course some of the sand is coming from inside the dog yard as well and although there are a few bare spots (that are clay) the sand layer is rather thick where it is present so maybe there is still hope for getting some vegetation growing.

Aside from doing all my routine chores and taking a few hikes I mostly napped the day away which was not at all surprising given how early in the day that I had woken up at. Those hikes being a part of my daily routine have been good for me physically and I often feel 'limbered up' after taking them. With all the recent rain I should get off the roads more than I do and look for fruit bearing plants/trees and of course mushrooms. Many of the bolletes that I was seeing have vanished and aside from an abundance of Turkey Tail there does not seem to be much else popping up at the moment. Hopefully moving into fall there will be more bolletes or perhaps even some chanterelles which would be awesome and make for some tasty meals.

I am once again up super early in the day after waking up around three-thirty and then not feeling like falling back asleep again so I got up, let the dogs out and started brewing espresso. Somehow I was fast asleep by the time that the sun was setting and although I dimly recall briefly letting the dogs out later in the evening... I slept super soundly and got quite engaged with a dream that I was having. The dream itself is why I initially tried going back to sleep but since then it has all faded and I am left with only the impression of a memory as to what it was about.

A little after waking I got into watching a few short documentaries about a hermit and even now I have it playing in the background as I write. It is super odd listening to folks outside perspectives on this one guy's life alone in the woods and how strange it seems to them. Of course this particular hermit stole a bunch of stuff to 'survive' for so long (several decades) which skews the entire story. The thieving is how he survived though. Not that 'survival' makes it okay in my opinion but it does reveal how most folks would maybe 'survive' in a similar situation. Having myself been living in the woods (as an adult) without any meaningful way to feed myself on more occasions than I would like to recall, I can understand the sort of pressures the mind and body can put a person's scruples to but ultimately I would always rather go cold and hungry than compromise my precious morality. When it comes down to it the thievery stuff is childish and bespeaks volumes of how little someone values themselves which to me personally is just kind of sad. Back to what I was getting at, there are hard choices to be made when folks are trying to survive and it is not just important but downright imperative to remember it about ourselves and our fellow humans.

My advice is that the moment 'risk versus reward' analysis comes into play and there are only bad options... then it is time to choose something entirely different or nothing at all. Avoiding desperation in the first place is generally a good idea but when desperation leads to desperate action(s) then everything is just downhill from there because it will compound the existing stresses and heap more on top of them. It is hard enough to survive 'in the open' (without hiding) in the woods and the idea of trying to hide, to conceal, to go unnoticed... whilst being paranoid over my own unscrupulous actions... no thanks! That sounds like an absolutely miserable existence to endure and especially so alone like in the case of that hermit. Roughing it in the woods is an uncomfortable affair at best and to ruin the experience with poor choices is kind of self-sabotage at its finest but hell we all know humans are some deeply flawed critters to start with so go figure!

Well, I got off on quite the tangent there and it seems like only an hour or so has slipped by without me noticing it. The sun is still long from rising and it is already super muggy and hot outside. Every time that I open the door to let the dogs out it is like being hit with a wall of dense fog that is so humid that it almost feels like a mist of rain. Not that I mind it all that much but I was enjoying those cold brisk mornings that felt like fall was in the air. The equinox is still a few days off so I am sure that after that the seasonal changes will begin to be much more dramatic. Having written all of that I feel an urgency to get ready for the colder weather and to knockout whatever lingering projects that need done with the cabin. All things considered I am setup way better than last year's tent scenario and am really wondering how much heating I will actually need. Given the mild temperatures of the region I doubt that I will need all that much. I also think that for much of the time I will be able to blow hot air down from the second floor and do some passive heating that way.

On a different note, all kinds of stuff keeps nagging at me as far as disaster preparedness goes and two of the biggest things that keep popping up are a storm cellar and bulk subterranean water storage. One idea that I keep having is getting a large concrete box (like a septic tank or D-box) and more or less just setting it on level ground and back filling clay around and over it in a mound. The ground it is set on would need to be slightly below grade and itself back filled with gravel but it would all provide for a pretty simple storm shelter and one that with machinery could be done in a day or two. Cracked and damaged concrete boxes (especially septic tanks) are pretty cheap because they can no longer be used for their intended purposes so that is what got me to thinking about using them in the first place. I guess that just strapping them to the ground with earth anchors would be another option but I kind of like the idea of the insulation value (and sheer protection) that a bunch of compacted clay would provide. I could also set the box on railroad ties, strap it to the ground and stucco its exterior which for all practical purposes would make it a useful shelter. All these different ways there are to go about that whole project keep swirling around in my mind so we will see what becomes of it.

It is much later in the day now and still a few hours away from sunset and having recently awoken from a nap I am still waking up all the way even though I went outside and did a bunch of chores. That semi-fugue-like state can be pretty interesting as long as I do not try to do any focused thinking and instead just observe what is going on with my internal clockwork. Often during these times I find things much more humorous than I usually would and am prone to laughing more and coming up with funny ways of looking at things that occasionally turn into songs.

Alright, another day has passed and although I slept well it is raining outside this morning so I am not in much of a hurry to get started on my chores or do much of anything for that matter. Late in the day yesterday (after waking from a nap) I drank some espresso and even though I thought that it was early enough in the day to do so without consequences... I wound up staying up much later in the evening than I usually do and in turn sleeping in late this morning. Part of me wants to curl up with the dogs and snooze the morning away but I know that if I do that then my odds of writing anything today would become pretty slim. Perhaps after I finish writing I will do exactly that until the weather conditions improve.

My big goal for the day is to catch each of the chickens and give them a good dusting with diatomaceous earth. One of my two hens looks like she has made a complete recovery from the lice/mites and all of her feathers have grown back in which is good to see happening before the weather turns colder. The other hen does look better than she was before but since I have had a tough time getting as much diatomaceous earth dusted on her as I have with the other hen... she has yet to make a full recovery. With the other hen (Emily) I was able to pour dust on her several times while she was sitting on the eggs but when I tried (like a dozen times now) to do the same with the other hen she gets skittish and runs away. What I am thinking of doing is using that small pink cage that I have to block the coop door (with its pwn door open) and run her into it. Once I have her in the cage I am going to attempt to dust her while she is in it by tossing it on her and if that does not work I was thinking of using a brown paper bag (or a pillow case) with some diatomaceous earth in it and getting her inside of it in such a way that her head is sticking out but the rest of her can be thoroughly dusted. Well, I just stuck my head outside and it is pouring rain so all that jazz might have to wait for a drier day.

The sun is now crawling up over the horizon and although it is not currently raining it sure looks like it is going to eventually. The weather forecast is calling for a good bit of it and given how overcast the skies are it could happen at any time. Much like the previous few nights all the rain has kept the nightly temperatures pretty warm and the humidity super high and makes for quite the contrast when walking out into it from the relative coolness of the cabin or vice-versa. I have taken to just leaving a warm hat and shirt near the door just so the change is not so jarring. Honestly if it was not for the setup that I am in the conditions would be abysmal at best and I would probably be relying on lots of fans to keep things tolerable. At least that is what I have done in the past and although it works... living in a constant wind tunnel presents its own challenges and one thing in particular that I do not miss is the amount of dust that fans tend to blow around.

Okay, I went outdoors and it is a total mess out there as far as the grit goes but some of that bird seed that I spread is sprouting so that is good to see. Those raised beds (and the compost mound) that I covered in seed last week are doing super well and if I can get it to grow in that well in some other areas... it will work as a fast growing 'cover crop' to mitigate the erosion. The other good thing about that stuff is that where it grows in areas outside the dog yard it will provide plenty of vegetation for the local wildlife to graze on. While I was hiking a few days ago I spotted what looked like a very plump rabbit (for a wild one) and I had the idea that the bird seed vegetation would be quite the treat for rabbits and that it would not hurt to spread some in the more open areas where they tend to hang out in an effort to bolster their population. I am sure that between the coyotes and the snakes around here the rabbit population takes a beating which is probably why I have not seen all that many of them.

Overall the wildlife around here always amazes me and between all the birds and squirrels the woods immediately around the shelter site are always alive with activity. The squirrels themselves are quite brazen when it comes to gathering stuff from the dog yard and although the dogs mostly ignore them sometimes I open the door and there one is leisurely going about its business. It is common to see them quickly scampering about in nature and seeing them 'take their sweet time' is an odd sight. Their 'ease' in the area is pretty cool to see and there are absolutely way more nests than there were before I began developing the place so I am excited to see what happens next. As long as they do not become pests I do not mind that they cleanup whatever the chickens scatter around and act as little sentinels in the trees making a bunch of racket if something is near. They can also be very protective of their nesting area and in this case there are a dozen (or more) of them around the shelter site's edges. Per usual I simply enjoy observing the critters and have no intention of hunting them or anything.

The morning is really dragging on here and I wound up sleeping in until after the sunrise because I once again drank some espresso early in the evening. Late in the afternoon yesterday I got sucked into tinkering with trying to get a new video game installed. I have not mentioned it but there is now a remaster version of my favorite video game (Diablo II) and since my computer is close to the recommended minimum specifications I thought that I would give it a try. After some minor fiddling around I got first the 'launcher' and then the game installer working. It has been downloading ever since and whoa does it take forever to download nearly thirty gigabytes over a dodgy cellular connection. It does not help that the game provider has the download speed throttled to around 180 kBps which is much slower than what my connection can accommodate. I get that they are probably doing that for stability reasons or something like that because the game goes live tomorrow but whoa is it slow! If I get super lucky it will finish downloading right about the time everyone is getting to play the first non-beta version online. Since I am unsure if I can actually get the game to work in the first place I am thinking that I will at least have the massive downloading part of things out of the way for when/if I get either a whole new computer or just a better graphics card which is the only component that might need to be upgraded.

Anyway, I was up late and felt out-of-sorts waking up when I did in the day after a long night of reading way too much technical jargon and geeking out on the computer. Not that I mind doing that or anything but as with most things 'if it interrupts my usual sleep cycle' then I generally regret it in some way shape or form. That whole not drinking coffee in the evening has been pretty nice and every time that I do it I wind up remarking upon it in these entries so that tells me something right there. In other words it is quite noticeable to me just how much it affects me and how I always feel sluggish and not quite 'with it' the following morning so what I am thinking is to keep the evening coffee drinks to a minimum (maybe once or twice a month if at all) and not get back into old habits with the stuff regardless of how much I love it! Admittedly the last few times that it has happened there was strawberry ice cream involved and I was craving the frothy yumminess of it more than the coffee itself so go figure. Treats are nice and all but the way to keep them 'treats' is to not over do it with them and above all else make sure they last until my next supply run.

With all the rain that bird seed that I spread around the dog yard has really started to pop up and from the looks of things there might be a nice carpet of vegetation covering much of it over the next few days. There are little green sprouts all over and I am quite impressed by how uniformly (and thick) it all growing in. At some point early in the day yesterday I spread a bunch of the remaining Kentucky-31 grass seed around the dog yard and did my best to spread it over the newly sprouted plants as well and in some areas where I have not yet spread the bird seed all that much like under the pokeweed. It rained pretty good not long after I did all that jazz and hopefully between that, the already saturated ground and the humid conditions the newly spread seed will do well. Since I was in the seed spreading mood I also spread a bunch of both types in that big open area of the pine forest where I have the garden and did all that mowing recently. I did not spread a tremendously large amount of seed over the mowed area because I first want to see how it grows among all the pine needles. If in a few days it looks like it is doing okay I am going to go back and apply a much thicker coat of seed to it.

As far as days go it was not a super productive one given the weather (and that I got all hyper-focused on techie stuff) but I did have the realization that I could look at old topology maps of the region to see exactly where that old railroad was and if there at one point was any homestead sites on this particular property. From as far back as the actual aerial pictures show it has been logged and replanted over and over and never had a home-site on it (that I could discern) and neither were their any on the old topo maps which indicate them with a solid black square. It was pretty neat comparing all the different old maps against each other and also against the more recent maps. The way that I got lost in that rabbit hole is that I have been considering taking on some new hobbies in the form of magnet fishing and metal detecting and while the former had nothing to do with it... just thinking about metal detecting an old homestead got me super excited.

Then I realized there are two things perhaps even better to explore in the form of the dry canal/creek bed and the edge of the property that borders where the old railroad track once was. I almost made an impulse buy of a cheap metal detector just to get me started but then decided to not waste any money, do some research and get some good gear if I am going to make it into an actual hobby. Getting a metal detector is not a new idea for me and I have often wanted one when working with logs that might have old fencing in them or just to help me find stuff that I have lost like when I drop fasteners during a building project. It sure makes for an all around handy tool and would absolutely provide me with hours of entertainment looking for 'treasures' in the ground. Not that I will be treasure hunting or anything but hopefully I will find some cool stuff even if it is just old railroad spikes that can be turned into chisels and knives. Given the lay of the land and the way the area was heavily logged and farmed I am sure there will be all kinds of metal junk to tell the story of not one but a few bygone eras. As a kid artifacts from the past fascinated me and I was always on the lookout for them and although I do not know exactly why that passion faded it is neat to see it being rekindled.

Alright, it is later in the day now and just as luck would have it a thunderstorm rolled in right after I finished trimming my very unkempt facial hair and was in the process of filling the outdoor tub to take a nice long soak in. There was a brief moment when I could have dipped myself in the hot water but honestly I was a little afraid of lighting and decided against it. It is looking like it is an isolated storm so perhaps I will get to enjoy the hot water before it can cool which it does not really do all that much sitting in the sun as it is. There have been numerous times that I took a bath early in the day and the water was still quite warm well into the late afternoon so I should be okay in that regard especially given how hot it is today. On a totally unrelated note, while I was cleaning out the tub and had it flipped on its side I noticed almost a dozen waxworms living under it which I think is pretty funny because I was recently writing about them.

It is yet another day here and the sun is just now creeping up over the horizon as I sip my morning espresso and stare kind of blankly at the computer monitor. Even though I slept rather well I woke up slightly moody feeling over this game still downloading. It has been going now for like three days straight minus the time the electricity went out during a storm for a few minutes. I mean really for a twenty year old game that they used the exact same game engine on for the new remastered game to go from roughly two gigabytes to a whopping twenty-eight point eight gigabytes is totally nuts even if it contains some new graphics and cinematics.

Inside the new game you can toggle between the old and new graphics so why not just release a version of it that only has the old graphics for us people with dodgy internet connections and low-end computers... or they could just avoid turning a very small and efficient game into a massive piece of bloatware. A good bit of the 'new game' software is probably anti-cheat and telemetry gathering crap that will be rendered useless within the first few weeks after the game goes live. Which by the way happens today but my download probably will not finish until tomorrow at which point I will find out if my computer's hardware will even run it. I have mentioned before how one of the things that made the original Diablo II so successful (and still being played twenty years later) is that it will run on almost any low-end hardware and take up very little disk space to boot. Having such a low barrier meant that folks all over the world (even those on dodgy internet connections and shit computers) could play the fast paced game online with other folks... and now the barrier (with the remastered game) is super high.

Alright, I am going to have to derail myself on that topic before I get too far off on a tangent about it. We got some more rain yesterday and whoa are things really saturated outside at this point. So much so that I am very tempted to try to acquire some straw and more grass seed and cover the entire dog yard with both. It is after all finally the perfect time of year for getting grasses established (the fall) and I have a few months of mostly warm weather ahead... which means I better not put off doing it or I will have a mess to deal with all winter. I did wind up spreading more of that bird seed around the dog yard yesterday and decided that from the looks of the already sprouting stuff... it might just do the trick of slowing the erosion until I can get something more long-lasting growing. It might be worth it to get a bag of the stuff, mix it with some shade tolerant grass seed and just keep repeatedly spreading it over everything until the grass gets established. The reason that I think the mixture would be good is because the bird seed sprouts super fast and grows in thick which will create a sort of matting to help hold the actual grass seed in place until it can sprout and put down roots. I am not quite desperate enough to get some landscape fabric but in short the bird seed vegetation will hopefully do what such a fabric would do.

This morning was much colder than it has been so far and it did not warm up outdoors until nearly noon. I wound up putting on some black clothes and a warm hat just to remain comfortable while doing all my morning chores. Once again I keep thinking that I should start getting my propane tanks for the winter filled soon or at the very least get a few of them filled. Now that the seasons are really changing I have to get it together and not postpone getting all my ducks in a row for the winter in general. In that regard my laundry is going to be one of the biggest obstacles so I will need to begin tackling that over the coming days. Getting a washing machine keeps circling in my mind and one that would make things a heck of a lot easier not to mention I miss washing stuff with borax.

Well, if I am going to get this posted today I better toss the idea of a late in the afternoon nap and get to editing. I got some pictures earlier so hopefully some of them came out good enough to include in this post. Yay I got the editing done and can now try to get this all shared. I hope that everyone is doing well and has a nice day/night.


These white mushrooms constantly pop up in the compost mound!

Thanks for reading!

More about me: I have been doing property caretaking (land stewardship) for many years (decades) and live a rather simple life with my dogs doing what most folks would consider to be an 'alternative minimalist lifestyle' but what I often just think of as a low-impact lifestyle where I get to homestead and spend the majority of my time alone with my dogs in the woods doing projects in the warmer months and taking some downtime during the colder months.

Nearly four years ago I began sharing the adventures (misadventures) of my life via writing, videos, pictures and the occasional podcasts and although my intention was to simply share my life with some friends it undoubtedly grew into much more than that over the years and now I find myself doing what equates to a full-time job just 'sharing my life' which is not even all that glamorous or anything but hey folks seem to enjoy it so I just keep doing it!

The way that I look at it is that I give it all my best each day and while some stuff I write is better than others I think that for the most part I do a pretty good job at doing what I am doing which is simply 'sharing my life' as candidly as I possibly can and whatever folks get (or do not get) from it there is always the satisfaction of me doing what I set out to do... which is to simply share my life.


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